A Tip of Sorts

I’ve gone to retreats and someone will say…”Oh thanks, that’s a great tip.”  I didn’t know I was offering one.  I was just busy sewing and they were apparently watching me and caught on to something I was doing.  It was something I do everyday and didn’t even realize it was something other people don’t do.

This is one of those “tips”.

Here I am busy ironing the pieces for my Tulip Fields quilt.  I leave them all together in a chain as I do it.

Then I go along with the scissor and cut them all apart cutting off the dog ear (hang piece) as I go.

Then my ironing surface.  Ends up looking like this….

…all those little clipped off pieces are there cluttering up my ironing mat.  I don’t want them on the floor.  I don’t want them stuck to my pieces so I take my scissor, close it, turn it on the side and scrape.

I corral them all on one corner of my mat.

I keep them all in one corner until I’m finished pressing all of my pieces then I scrape them into my hand.  It saves on mess and is quick.

My pieces are done…now I need to move them onto the next step.

I know someone will ask…

This is my pressing mat.  I ADORE IT!

Here’s an Amazon link for them if you want to check them out.  They come is several sizes.  Mine is 17″ x 24″.  I put it on the island in the kitchen and iron there.  The smaller 9 X 9 size with a small iron can be kept near your sewing machines.  I’m not a gimic/gadget girl but this I LOVE.

I don’t know if my tip was something you already do or something you might try….let me know.



12 thoughts on “A Tip of Sorts

  1. Helen

    I put those bits and other scraps in a pillow “case.” When full it’s sewn closed & taken to an animal shelter by another guild member. I store mine in an empty litter bucket lined with the case. We run over large pieces with rotary cutting until they about 1” or less. No threads or pins please! I have less guilt about tossing scraps.

  2. Suzanne Kent

    Is it OK to use “vodka spray” when ironing on these? I can’t seem to find the answer on line. Considering getting one, but don’t want to find out too late that I made a mistake. Suzanne

  3. Karen

    I was more intrigued with the “tip” of cutting off the dog ears as you cut them apart!! What a timesaver!! You have more “tips” than you can imagine. Thank you!

  4. Mary Jo Spina

    I learned that clipping trick from Bonnie Hunter in one of workshops. I think she also scraped the ears up with her scissors. I’ve been using her technique ever since the workshop and love it’s speed.

  5. Paula

    I just ordered the 17×24 mat from Nancy’s Notions for 59.00. Cheaper than Amazon. I have a smaller one and I love it.

  6. Kim LeMere

    I have seen those wool mats and wondered if they were worth the cost. I may have to invest in the small one to sit by my machine.

  7. Penny Holliday

    How efficient! Great tip especially that you cut off the dogs ears as you cut apart! Thanks, Jo!

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