A tip from Kayla

This is probably one of those things that EVERYONE else know but me…but just in case you didn’t know, here is the tip from Kayla.


Before you put tin foil over the top of lasagna or any other casserole type dish, spray the tin foil with cooking spray.  Then the cheese or other ingredients will not stick to the tin foil.  If you reuse tin foil like I do, it’s a great tip…..see what a college education in Family Consumer Science can teach…Seriously, Kayla did graduate from Iowa State and got a teaching job for this fall.  We are so excited for her and more importantly, her students will be lucky to have a great teacher.  If you want more tips and ideas, head on over to Kayla’s blog. and if you want to check out my giveaway that is going on, check out this link.

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