A Tip from Kayla

When Kayla was home for our lefse making class I decided to rope her into helping me.  I had my bonus triangle quilt that needed to have the threads clipped.  It wasn’t a terrible job or hard job but something that HAD to be done so that I could get it in the mail the next day.  American Patchwork and Quilting picked the project up and it needed to get in the mail to get there by the deadline date.

The strings on the front were all trimmed.  I trimmed as a went and rechecked as I unrolled it from the frame.  The back was a mess.  Remember I had done some custom quilting on this one.  The post is here if you missed it.

You can see that the backing is VERY pieced.  This in not typical for me.  I’ve seen others do it but this is not my preferred….but about two years ago I decided to try making a very pieced backing.  Then I went to use it on a quilt I was going to gift, and I chickened out from using it.  I know this isn’t true but something in my head told me if it’s so pieced, it would seem like I was cheap.  I don’t believe that for myself.  I just wondered if the person I was gifting it to might.

SO…the backing sat.  I never did use it.  Two years later…I was cleaning out my sewing room and decided it was STUPID not to use it.  I was fairly confident I was going to keep this quilt so I used the backing!  Once it’s all done, I liked it.

Anyway…back to clipping strings.

Kayla sat down to clip threads and asked me if I have some packaging tape.  I looked at her funny and said, “Packaging tape?”.  She said ya.  I didn’t know why she wanted it but went and got it.

The next thing I new she was clipping threads…like this….Can you see the packaging tape on her wrist?

Here’s a close up.  

She turned the tape and made a bracelet with the sticky side out.  Then she would clip a string and stick it to the “tape bracelet”.  The sticky would hold the strings.

I thought the idea was GENIUS!!  She of course didn’t know why I grabbed the camera and snapped a few pictures.  I was sure some of you would think the idea to be genius too!!

She thought I was silly…..

But I’m right, aren’t I?  The idea is genius…and here’s the genius girl that shared the idea with me.

I’m thinking I might use this at the quilting machine.  Hmmm.  I’m always clipping threads and running to the garbage can.

Thanks for the help Kayla…and thanks for the great idea.

On a Saturday 31 years ago today, I was eagerly awaiting her arrival in the world.  I was pregnant…retaining lots of water.  I had been “resting” for a week hoping every day that she’d decide to be born.  We ended up going to the hospital that evening and they broke my water….she was born the next morning.

I was so happy to have girl.  She’s grown into a wonderful women that I’m very proud of.  In most relationships it’s daughters who call Mom’s on the phone asking questions.  With us, it’s a pretty even exchange.  I’m often calling her asking plant advice or trying to understand something some new slang word.

One of the best days I’ve ever had was the day Kayla made her appearance and joined our family.

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  1. Oh Jo!! Your girls (and boys too!) are so very blessed to have a Mother like you!! Your relationship with your adult children is just endearing. And I love that you share this part of your life with all of us. Your love for your children is definitely palpable.

    p.s. I love this quilt!! It’s one I will make for sure!! I’ll be watching for the magazine/pattern.

  2. I never thought of tape on the wrist. I use a lint roller to catch all those snipped threads. I’ll have to try the tape trick. What a great idea.

  3. Absolutely genius. I’ve used tape but had to walk to one end or the other of the machine….never thought of making it a bracelet! Thanks Kayla & thanks Jo for posting this!

  4. Happy birthday to Kayla! Sure do like her tape idea.
    Sometimes I’ve felt the same way about a decision for a gift quilt. In particular I’ve wondered if nonquilters would enjoy an improv quilt as much as I do. You know?!

  5. Happy birthday, Kayla! Your a genius and a beautiful woman, plus a awesome daughter! You have a very creative family! Stay warm!

  6. Great idea Kayla!! Thanks for sharing. I would love to have lefsa lessons. My grandmother made this for all our holidays. I have never tried to make it myself but my mom and cousins have tried and nobody has been able to get lefsa made like grandmas. Whenever I see lefsa for sale at places I have to buy some but it is not the same as grandmas. You are passing on a wonderful tradition to your daughter.

  7. Happy Birthday to Kayla! I keep a lint roller in every room and roll lots of stuff, even the carpet for hair. I buy them cheap in bulk.

  8. I use blue painters tape on my longarm so I don’t have to walk from one end to the other with strings/threads. When it gets full, I rip it off and put on a new one. When your story started, I actually thought Kayla was going to just cut the threads and then bounce the packing tape on the quilt to pick them up. “Bracelet” idea is cute! ~Mindy

  9. In addition to being a genius, she is an adorable girl:) Happy Birthday, Kayla!

    Jo, I like to make the backs of my quilts pieced, it kind of makes them two quilts in one.

  10. Happy birthday to a very special young woman!
    I’ve used packing tape for a long time – I make the loop a bit bigger and put it on my hand – and as I “smooth” it over a quilt (or any other surface) it picks up hair, lint, bits of quilt batting – and because I “roll” it across the surface, it shifts, so it works like a lint roller. I always have packing tape, but don’t always have lint rollers..

  11. Why not use the single stitch function, pull the bobbin thread to the top and clip it when you start a row of stitching? Do the same when you stop a row. No threads to clip when you’re finished. Or doesn’t your machine let you do that? I really can’t describe it but if you can find a Linda V. Taylor video (probably for Gammill) where she shows quilting techniques you should see what she does.

  12. I have done much if the same with DUCT TAPE…it’s wide and cheap. I sneak in the sewing room to do SOMETHING before leaving for church on Sunday and have little strings on my Sunday clothes and hubby wanting to leave right away. I had sticky rollers but found big loops of dc would get all the little strings/threads off in a jiffy and a roll last for years. I get the wide and am happy with the color blue and have the strings gone in quick dabs.

  13. Meylonie Schatz

    HI Jo,

    I’m sorry to bother you but thought you might be able to help me find a post that I inadvertently deleted. A week or two ago someone posted something about a ruler they had developed to make many different kinds and arch of curves. I saved it in my toolbar thinking I would order it later, but of course, it’s gone and I don’t have a clue how to fine it now. Do you have any suggestions? I am pretty much computer illiterate except for the most basic of tasks, which is now pretty obvious. I read your blog every day and really enjoy it.


  14. Barbara F in Louisiana

    Great tip! My dear friend Frances gave us a good tip like this too. She makes a ring of blue painter’s tape and sticks it to the table next to her sewing machine to catch the loose threads as she sews and clips strings. This works great when traveling to sit & sews and I now keep a roll of tape in my traveling sewing box as well as next to my machine.

    Kayla — hope you had a great birthday.

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