A Thursday Off

I get Thursdays off from working at the vet clinic. I work 10 hours days so that means only four days a week. YAHOO. Totally worth it!! Thursdays are my day and this day I got to spend it with the grandkids!!

My daughter and her kids have been wanting to meet Jerry so the plan was that the kiddos would have a playday and Jerry would come over for lunch. That happened. I forgot to take a picture of them all. UGH. It went well and again, everyone likes Jerry. They were all high fiving him when he left. Sadly Jerry works second shift so our hours aren’t very “dating friendly”.

The kids were busy playing all day. Here is Emmett, Kelli’s son.

Here is Eli her other son.

Here’s another of Eli trying to climb my willow tree. He is such a fun kid!

Well after Carver saw Eli climbing the tree, he had to give it a try.

Here are the kids, minus Gannon, who could not let himself be photographed. It’s Eli, Carver, Emmett, and Georgia…Anders was MIA too.

I was feeling a little lazy so supper was from the bar. The burgers are the best. It was a bacon cheeseburger for me!

Uncle Karl was there for supper and as always, was the favorite. In fact, Georgia told her mom that Jason, her dad, was not the best dad. Karl was the best dad. HA!! Karl is my only kid without his own kids…yet, he is the best dad.

The kids did my hair…Isn’t it beautiful??

While they were doing that, Kelli and I were watching the Indiana Fever play basketball. I’m thinking Kelli just might be hooked.

The night ended with Izzy going to Kelli’s house. It was sad for me…We haven’t decided if this is a permanent home or just a try it out home. Georgia has been begging for a dog. Kelli had been starting to think about getting one. They decided to give Izzy a try.

I know some of you will be bothered by that and will likely write me some nasty notes about what am thinking to send Izzy home with Kelli…please know that both Kelli and I have lived with Izzy. We know what she is like and what triggers her.

If it doesn’t work out even a little bit, we will make a new plan for Izzy. Kelli really wanted to try this. I think she’ll feel better about it if she does…so I”m going with that for now. We have had many discussions about it. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

21 thoughts on “A Thursday Off”

  1. I pray this works out for Izzy, Kelly and the kids. Izzy has always liked the kids and she may thrive with the extra attention three kids will give her. Fingers crossed!

  2. Debra Broyles

    good morning Jo. i hope this message finds you well.
    I think it’s a wonderful idea for Izzy to live with Kelli. the kids love Izzy and she loves the kids. there may have just been a problem with jealousy and as long Kelli doesn’t bring another pet into the home, Izzy should be fine. i’m praying it goes well for everyone because I know Jo you love Izzy. Best of luck for an awesome solution.
    Let the family know I said Happy Father’s Day to all the papas.
    Have a wonderful, blessed day.

      1. Gina Morrison

        I’ve recently got to know you via your you tube channel. I just love it and you and your outlook on life. This pic of the grandkids and the way they gave you a new hairdo is precious. I wish you all the best and if i knew you in person i would like to think we would be good friends.

  3. Judy Prescott

    As someone who is now in your shoes, I applaud your decision to rehome Izzy. You know what triggers her and hopefully things will be much smoother for her in the future! I have 3 dogs and one of them (the little one) will attack one of our other dogs (over 3 times her size) sometimes over nothing. She is on Prozac and although that hasn’t totally stopped the attacks they are significantly fewer (went from 2/3 per day to 1/2 per month. If I could find the right home for her I would rehome her but it is not an easy thing to do. You know what is right for your family & that includes your pups!!

  4. Great idea for Kelli to take Izzy to see how it works out. I must have missed something tho. I thought she had a beagle named Puppycat.

    1. Wait….Georgie isn’t wearing a horse or a unicorn! How did that happen? Is she finally branching out into the rest of the animal kingdom?

    2. Susan the Farm Quilter

      Puppycat had to be put to sleep last autumn, so Izzy will be the only dog. Since she already loves the kids, she’ll get lots of attention from them and enjoy being the only dog in the family!

  5. I think it’s great that Kelli is trying out Izzy in her home. Izzy hasn’t been bad around anyone but Rosie even though you got caught in between. So it may work out wonderfully that she’ll have so much attention from extra people in her house. I have a reactive dog (a pit/vizsla mix) that loses his mind when he sees other dogs and I’ve gotten injured before by him just because I was holding his leash. He never meant to hurt me but he was blinded by his reactiveness. He’s mellowed a bit with age (he’s 9 now). He’s always been great around my four kids, in fact he’s more mellow with my kids than my German shepherd who is quite obedient but so obsessed with ball that she’s inadvertently knocked my kids over many times because she only sees the ball not what’s around her. I really pray this works out for Izzy and your family.
    If it makes you feel better, there were many, many times we wondered if we’d have to put Copper down because of this. We tried to rehome him and contacted many rescues and no one would take him because of how he was with other dogs so I do have a sense of what you’re going through. I think this could be a great option for everyone involved.

  6. Jo,
    Congratulations on making a decision about Izzy. I’m sure that you and Kelli know what you’re doing. Best of luck to all of you & especially Izzy.

  7. I was watching Cesar Millan’s “Better Human Better Dog” show last night and the issues with 2 dogs in the same home were much like yours. In fact, he’s had several 2 dog homes where they have these type of issues and it’s apparently usually the human’s problems that cause the dogs to act up. It’s very interesting how he observes the people walking the dogs together and can tell what is causing the problems and he gives them ways to take care of the problems and they pretty much resolve their issues and no longer have any problems. So interesting.

  8. So glad you had good day with the grands and Kelli too. It amazes me how much each grandchild has grown – notice it more since fewer pictures. I hope all will be well with Izzy at Kelli’s. If it were me, this would be an easier rehoming than to a stranger.

  9. I really hope Izzy settles at Kelli’s. She’s such a lovely dog and has been great with the children, so fingers crossed this is the perfect solution :-)
    Like someone else commented, I can’t get over how much the grandkids have grown up! Time just flies…..

  10. Bravo Kelli!! I hope Izzy settles in and enjoys being an only dog with 3 great kids to fuss over her every day.
    I know its hard Jo, to let her go. This may save her life though. You are doing good. Hugs!!

  11. It doesn’t matter what other people think! You’re trying to do what works best for you and Izzy. Hopefully it works out. I think it’s a great idea to try. Hugs,

    1. Yes and some people are judgmental “Karens” and post their thoughts thinking they’re superior. No need to be ugly or nasty! Walk in the same shoes and see how it feels is what I say to those kind of people. Jo doesn’t need nor deserve the grief they cause.

  12. Anyone writing a nasty ugly comment on the blog about your decision better check themselves! That’s it for me other than I do hope it works out well for Kelli and Fam + Izzy.

  13. Marlene Clausen

    Looked like a fun day was had by all. I am so pleased to see Izzy getting a chance to be a good dog and be the ONLY one fussed over and loved by a bunch of people all for her. I was so sure when you posted about the aggression, it was a result of YOU going back to work AND having not just another doggo vying for your attention when you were home; but, also a new human.

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