A Thrifty Kind of Day

It was errand day for me.  I needed to pick up medicine.  I wanted to find some fabric to finish a couple of my projects….and if I’m in town to do all that, I’m going to stop at the thrift stores….so, what did I find?

Foam stickers for childcare…we’ll use these on a craft project.  Can’t go wrong for 25 cents.

These are little building units.  I like them as the kiddos can make a sculpture.  It’s a unique building experience.  I love the black base for them to start building on…  $1 for these. Most of these toys were all between $1 and $2.  Wooden 3 piece puzzles. I was SUPER excited about these.  I needed something for some sorting opportunities.  Most of the things I’ve found online have pieces that are too small for my kiddos.  These veggies are wooden and the perfect size. These little animals go together.  Kids match the head to the rump.  I liked them so much I found the label on the bottom and order a complete set.  All things farm animals at my house lately!!  If you’re interested, Amazon had them here. Here was a little Spirograph.  My school aged girls will love this. ..a little wooden peg puzzle…50 cents. Slipper for me!!  50 cents!  I got them dirty already.  My feet are loving them.  I actually got two pair- one to wear and one for a spare! This little train with zoo animals I love.  I wish there were more cars but I’ll keep my eyes open and I might find them yet. A See and Say.  I had one as a kid.  Mine, of course, had the pull string. ..and then fabric.  I got several bags….this I’m keeping…. This I am passing on…. Can you believe this???  Tatter Doilies.  YES, Tatted.  50 cents each.  These are going to Kayla. I picked up this rug hooking kit.  I’m not crazy about the design but the burlap and wool strips are there and perfectly usable.  There’s even a hook in the kit.  I have the supplies but still haven’t touched rug hooking yet.  I will someday….maybe after I finish my applique, but then there’s cross stitch and English Paper Piecing.  What’s a girl with so many hobbies to do???
Puzzles for my little puzzler girl.  25 cents each. I got a bag of clothes for Carver. There’s a dress shirt, three button up shirts, a pair of pants, and eight shirts….plus a tractor pull toy.

I got this AWESOME antique foot stool.  What do you think?I’m not thrilled with the gold upholstery but that’s fixable.   It’s walnut wood and that’s our preferred furniture wood.  I almost didn’t get it but it opens up!!  Perfect for my current cross stitch or applique project!  I paid $15 for it.  
I also found a KING sized sheet that is blue striped and will be PERFECT for a quilt backing!!

WOW…between my thrifted finds and groceries, the pick up was FULL!!

Any guesses on what I spent?  $82…Not bad, I don’t think!!  It was a fun day.  Typically I never get this good of a haul.  I know one thing for sure, the next few days of childcare are going to fun with the new toys.  It will seem like Christmas.

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  1. I see doilies at estate sales along with handkerchiefs, ties etc…quite a bit of ideas for ties but can you share any good ones for the doilies and maybe handkerchiefs? I have a collection of old yard sticks too!…thank you for all your “book” reviews/suggstions…what kind of device do you use to listen to them…I’ve tried to listen to programs/books on tape through my computer but can’t hear when I am sewing…

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