A Thrifty Gem

When I was thrifting a couple weeks ago I came across a cross stitch pattern book.  I picked it up…I looked at it a second and then put it back..

…then I picked it up…I opened it and read one of the sayings….

“Grateful am I for compliments given-More grateful I’ll be for help in the kitchen.  I laughed and put the book in my cart.  Even if I never stitch one…it would be worth a laugh.  After all it was only 10 cents.

I ended up reading the rest of the sayings when I got home…..

“All I want it less to do
More time to do it
and more pay
for not getting it done”

Isn’t the at the truth!!!

This next one is so true for me….check it out…
“The pounds I lose
come back in haste,
to join their friends
around my waist”


Karl came into the kitchen as I was reading the patterns…I read this one to him.

“Your Mother’s love
goes with you son
everywhere, you know
Be sure that you
don’t take it
Where is should not go”

Then I was nearing the end of the book Kelli called.  She was lamenting about working in the Alzheimer’s unit.  This one came up.

I like my bifocals
my dentures fit me fine-
my hearing aid is perfect
but Lord, how
I miss my Mind!

Wouldn’t that be the truth!!  I feel that way some days when I open the door to the refrigerator and can’t remember what I went in there for.

Then there was this one….

“We have two ends
with a common link
with one we sit
with one we think
success depends
on what we use
heads we win
tails we lose.”

Some of the things were so funny then there was a bed time prayer, a baby announcement, and one like this.  My other favorite of the book.  The stitcher is suppose to stitch the house and then choose from the verses.  My favorite is the first verse.

“The greatest work
you will ever do
will be within the walls
of your own home”

and the other

“No other success
can compensate for
failure in the home”

On the back cover was this one…

“For every minute
you are angry
you lose
sixty seconds
of happiness”

The book was only a few pages long….but packed with silliness and I got several good laughs from it.  I hope you did too!

7 thoughts on “A Thrifty Gem”

  1. Betty Woodlee

    Jo, those quotes were the very best. I owe you at least $5 for the laughs I enjoyed while reading! Thanks. I’ll share something I read on FB the other day—Going fabric shopping with your husband is like going hunting with the game warden.

  2. Jo, I lived in Sumter SC where the Designs by Gloria and Pat business was located. They had a store of their patterns, floss, fabric, etc. I used to stitch their designs until I discovered quilting. Anyway, I think I had that book, but I don’t remember making any of the patterns. I got rid of all my cross stitch books and patterns when I moved six years ago. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  3. Cheryl in Dallas

    When hubbie and I were newlyweds (about the time your cross-stitch quote book was printed), a college friend made the cross stitch wall hanging for us: “We have two ends with a common link…”. At the time, we loved it because our friend shared the same sense of humor as hubby and I had. Five years later, when she was a newlywed herself, our friend died in a plane crash in Alaska. Now we treasure that cross-stitch because we know that Kathy made it for us, laughing with every stitch.

    Thanks for the memory!

  4. A note for dear Kelli to say thank you for her work and all those who work with people like my Mom who is in endstage Alzheimer’s. Bless you.

  5. What a hoot to read those quotes, thanks for the fun. I also want to thank Kelli for her work, our daughter has done that work and its hard and most of the time you are short hands to do it.

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