A Tale of Iced Coffee

I really enjoy iced coffee which is kind of silly because I don’t like regular coffee.  My favorite is from McDonalds.  Even though the closest McDonalds are 25-30 minutes away, I still manage to get iced coffee on a regular basis.

Kalissa works in Decorah and there is a McDonalds there.  Often times I’m watching Carver, she gets off work and calls asking if things are okay and if she can run as errand before she comes and picks him up.  Jokingly I say sure, but it will cost you an iced coffee.  Typically she brings me one.

Anyway on Friday Hubby got off of work early and decided to go to New Hampton to get some things that would help him finish up projects he had going in the garage.  He was lamenting that he couldn’t think of something wonderful to get me for my birthday which is tomorrow.  He asked if I had any suggestions…I said no.  Honestly, anymore, if I want something I buy it.  My feelings are not bothered one drop if he doesn’t get me a present.  It means so much more to me that he cleaned up the kitchen after we had a baking day!!

Teasingly, I said- You could pick me up a caramel iced coffee from McDonalds.  I really didn’t think he would as he 1-thinks iced coffee is dumb and 2-thinks its crazy to pay for drinks-except for beer at a bar.

Well he came home and he was baring gifts….2 drinks from McDonalds!!


He couldn’t remember what I wanted so brought me these two.  It was the so sweet.

Well it just so happened that on Friday I had an extra childcare kid here.  A friend of the family needed care for her little one for the day.  She had been talking to her sister and her sister told her that I love ice coffee.   At the end of the day, an hour or so after Hubby had come home, she came to pick up her daughter.  As an added thank you gift for watching her daughter, she brought me an iced coffee.  It was so sweet.

After she left the ice coffee she brought went in the refrigerator with the second ice coffee that Hubby had brought.

At 10:3opm that night Kelli came to start our baking adventure and she was so excited.  Can you guess what she brought me??She had brought me an ice coffee.


I smiled and told her that was so sweet but she’d have to put in the refrigerator as drinking caffeine this late at night would keep me up for sure.

Imagine her surprise when she opened the refrigerator and saw two more ice coffees inside!!  She couldn’t believe it..and at this point, I couldn’t either.

I’m so blessed to have all these thoughtful people in my life…and as for the iced coffees…I left them in the refrigerator and have been drinking one each day.  They aren’t quite as good as fresh but still wonderful.

11 thoughts on “A Tale of Iced Coffee”

  1. Next time you receive an overabundance scoop the ice out so it doesn’t dilute the coffee you love. You can add ice when you pull them from the fridge :-)

  2. What a lucky day for you! Now you’ve got me wanting one and it’s 10:30 pm here! I like the iced mocha coffees with skim milk at McD’s…it tricks me into thinking it’s not so bad for me! You have dear friends and family!

  3. This story made me smile and laugh! How fun to have so many people think of you and get you something special. Happy Birthday! K-

  4. I have a yummy iced caramel coffee recipe:
    1 C half and half
    1/4 C water
    1/4 C caramel dessert topping
    1 to 2 Tblspn instant coffee
    1/2 tsp vanilla

  5. Whoops! My comment posted before I finished my recipe! Anyway, combine all the ingredients in a blender. Blend on high speed til smooth. Pour into glasses with ice and add whipped cream if desired.

  6. Jo, I’m not a real coffee drinker either but LOVE iced coffee. I have a Ninja Coffee Bar and it has a setting for iced coffee and makes the best iced coffee!! Then if I have company and they want regular coffee, the coffee bar can make a cup, a mug, 1/2 carafe or a full carafe. If you go to Utube and search for Ninja Coffee Bar you can see how it works and find lots of recipes. That way you can have iced coffee whenever you want! Just sayin……….

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