A Tale of Five Cameras

A couple days ago on the Facebook for sale group in my area some listed a simple Nikon Cool Pix camera (black one in the front) for $40.  I messaged the person and bought the camera just so I would have a spare.  The camera complete with chargers and manual along with a case.  I was happy with the purchase as I have always wanted an extra camera.  I like having one in my purse or one to take to the house in town without worrying about ruining it.  This camera would be perfect.

Previous to this purchase I had my red Nikon that is just a simple point and shoot that I use all the time (not pictured) and the big black one Hubby bought me for Christmas.  I really thought I wanted one but find I like the simple cheap cameras better as they can fit most anywhere.


Well after looking at the camera and the plug in charger, I looked a little more closely.  Then an idea struck.  I will admit, I am really bad at throwing things away…not garbage but things that once cost money-especially electronics so I have kept my old camera…the red one at the top.  I had loved that camera but it would no longer charge.  When Ruby was a pup the one thing that she chewed was the camera charger cord.

I had tried to buy another but it wouldn’t work..then the battery was dead so I bought a new battery.  Still no luck with it…but could I throw it out??  NO.  Well it turns out that the charger for the new Nikon was completely compatible with the old red Kodak and now the old red Kodak works!!  SCORE.

Then I got to thinking about the silver camera.  I had picked that up at the thrift store for fifty cents taking a risk that it might work.  I got it home and again, it wasn’t compatible with the camera cord I had but would it work with the camera cord that came with the Nikon??  Yep it did.  So I went from having two working cameras to FIVE working cameras all in one day.

I’d say that $40 investment for the simple black Nikon really paid off as it revived my other two cameras too.  That for me is a happy occurrence although I really don’t know what I’ll do with five cameras.

6 thoughts on “A Tale of Five Cameras”

  1. So, is the big one that Hubby bought you a DSLR? If so, I might be interested in buying it if you would like to downsize to 4 cameras? (I have personal experience letting things go. It’s hard. I recently went from 5 sewing machines down to 4! :-)

  2. Keep them all in case one falls from the top of an arch. :-) And if the big one takes better pictures, keep it for quilt tutorials and gorgeous shots of the new house when you get it done.

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