A Substitution Success

I was doing a little baking and prepping.  Tomorrow we have a house full of company coming for supper.  Each year the deer hunters in Hubby’s group and families congregate at our house on Friday night before the opening day of deer hunting.  I am expecting over 20 so there’s lots to do.  All the other spouses are good cooks “so the pressure is on” to create a nice meal.

I made our family favorite Crazy Cake and went to frost it only to find…no vanilla.  Well my recipe for homemade cream cheese frosting needs vanilla.  For us town is a half hour away so that wasn’t really an option.  I could go to the convenience store but I hate paying double the price for groceries.  I thought why not try almond extract instead.

It was a success!!  In fact, I think that this might become a semi-regular happening to use almond extract instead.

I know someone is going to ask for the frosting recipe….I really can’t give one as there isn’t one but it goes something like this.

1/2 stick butter softened
4 oz cream cheese softened
2 t milk
1 t almond extract
powdered sugar to the consistency of you liking-typically about 1 3/4 cup…or more?  (Sorry, this isn’t a food blog) blend together.  If you aren’t happy with the consistency, add milk or powdered sugar but only add milk sparingly.

I am off to do more prepping.  Thank goodness no one cares if the house is clean!!

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  1. I know what you are going through with deer season! It’s almost like a National Holiday here! Everyone comes here too and you are right…noone cares what the house looks like. By the time everyone drops their hunting gear in a pile you can’t see the florr anyway! have fun and tell them all good luck!

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