A Story from the Vet Office

This is quick story but a cute one…

Friday I was at the vet office working. Fridays are notoriously busy. People fill more prescriptions that day. More boarding dogs come in. In general, there are more appointments too.

I work at the reception desk with a guy named Tim. He is top ten awesome at the reception desk. Everyone loves Tim including me. He is a great co-worker. Tim has been there longer than I have and has been in the vet field for a long time. He knows his stuff. If someone asks questions like when are 1st puppy shots due? Tim doesn’t have to think and can tell the answer to that and many more different questions.

Tim does more of the sitting at the desk. I do more of the running. Tim might check a dog in for surgery but it’s me who runs the dog to the back, weighs it, puts it in the kennel, and brings the animal’s information back to the vet. I do that for the boarding animals and grooming animals too. I get a lot of steps in every day.

Well on Friday a family of dogs came in for boarding. It was busy. I felt like I should be at the desk helping Tim but was running a dog to the back for boarding. Then, of course, the dogs weren’t happy to be leaving their owners, and weren’t happy to be going into the boarding area in the back.

This particular dog needed a lot of coaxing as it was a big dog and I couldn’t just pick him up and put him in…UGH! Doing this and trying to hurry was a bit much especially being I was sure Tim was still swamped up front.

I got the dog into the kennel. I hurried to the front. I sat in my chair. Yes, indeed it was busy. Then I looked up and there in the back of the waiting room was Jerry. If you missed the Jerry story, you can read it HERE. Jerry was holding a vase with a beg Gerber Daisy in it- with a big ole’ smile on his face. (it was the smile that I love)

I had already started talking to the person at the counter asking them how they wanted to pay their bill when I realized it was Jerry and the flower was certainly for me. My face lit up with a huge smile. What a great surprise on a busy workday. The guy at the desk (and his wife) knew nothing about me and why I was smiling…but he says to me, “Thanks for the big smile. Your eyes lit up with that big pretty smile.”

Oh, my word. I was smiling from ear to ear. My eyes did light up with my smile. I was so shocked to see Jerry in the middle of my hectic day. What a great surprise!!

Tim was at the desk trying not to laugh. I was at the desk trying not to laugh. (I was also trying to stay professional and not jump up and give him a big ole’ hug) Jerry was in the waiting room trying not to laugh. All of us knew why I was so smiley…I was smiley because Jerry came and brought me a big daisy and was standing in the back of the waiting room waiting for me to be free long enough so he could give it to me. (Be still my heart. He’s such a sweet guy!!)

Jerry gave me my flower and then had to hurry out. We didn’t have any time to talk it was still busy.

After it bit it calmed down and I realized I had been so shocked and so smiley that I forgot to say thank you!! HA! Thankfully Jerry is not only sweet but understanding too.

Later when I saw Jerry after work I did thank him. Both of us laughed that the guy would even say what he did while his wife was standing there…we also wondered what they thought after they turned around and saw Jerry with the flower. He probably figured out that the big smile that lit up my face was not for him but for Jerry.

…and that my friends is how I have come to have an entirely new appreciation of daisies. I’ve always liked them but now I like them even more!!

I told you in the other blog post about Jerry that he truly is the nicest sweetest guy…and he is. Thanks for the sweet surprise Jerry!!

20 thoughts on “A Story from the Vet Office”

  1. Awesome story ! I’d say you are “smitten” great news ! Best wishes for you & Jerry ! ❤️JB

  2. So happy for you that you are getting a second chance at love. My hubby passed two years ago this coming July. I’m hoping there is another chance for love in my future. I miss the little, unexpected surprises and tender touches.

    1. Helen Reimers

      I think the kindness and sweetness is appreciated a little more the second time around. Thank you Jerry for making Jo’s day wonderful.

  3. How romantic! You lucky girl. Made me smile too, just reading the story, so thank you and Jerry for spreading the smiles around.

  4. Jo,
    I have been following you for a long time and I am so happy for you. Jerry is your knight in shining armor and truly is a gentleman. I know he has been placed in your life to bring you joy. I think he knows he has a special woman in his life as well. Hugs to you both.

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