A Stitching Update from Kelli

My daughter Kelli is a big-time cross stitcher. I say big-time for two reasons…
1- She stitches a log
2- She only stitches big intense pieces

The other day she was at my house and I asked her if I could take pictures of her projects and share them with you. She said sure but they aren’t ironed. I told her thought you all would forgive her. HA!

Kelli and I both thought we’d have the bug to work on Consider the Lilies by Heartstring Samplery. This piece is HUGE. Really HUGE…and wonderful.

Kelli, like me, got the outer border together…got some motifs stitched and then stopped.

Kelli started stitching in the lower left…me the upper right. Both of us want to find the mojo to actually work on this. So far, we petered out. I’m not giving up. I’m sure the mood will strike us both at some point.

Kelli likes “artsy” pieces. Me, I love looking at them but not stitching them. There is VERY little room for error on a piece like this. I NEED error room.

This is Pandemic by Long Dog Samplers. It was a free pattern in 2020 when Kelli first downloaded it. Now it’s a paid-for pattern.

This is Kelli’s second start on this. I think the first time around she was stitching it on a larger count linen with two strands of floss. I converted her to a 40-count one-strand girl. She is doing so well on this…but still isn’t quite half way yet.

Even when Kelli picks smaller pieces, they still have a LOT of stitches. This is Plum Street Sampler’s project called A Thousand Hills. You can see along the bottom with the grass and animals, it’s full coverage meaning everything is cross stitch.

Here is where Kelli is at. I love the colors and the pretty flowers.

Another piece Kelli is working on is A Peacock, Unicorn, a Badger by Needlework Press. This one is intense. The entire piece is all stitches. The entire piece!! All the color you see in the background of the chart is stitched. She is going great on this!! She is stitching this one for her daughter Georgia. Remember how much she loves unicorns. Hopefully she’ll still be love with them by the time Kelli finishes this.

If nothing else, maybe it will be a graduation present. HA!! Georgia is only 4 (and a 1/2). She gets really mad if you don’t include the half.

I just love cross-stitching…there are so many different styles for so many different tastes. I love everything Kelli is working on but WOW…they are a little too big and a little too much for me to commit to. I love looking at them…love talking about with her but I just can’t commit to all of that.

Curiously…do you all stitch any of these styles of intense pieces??

26 thoughts on “A Stitching Update from Kelli”

  1. The stitching Kelli does is beautiful, but never would I ever want to start something so large and intense. I enjoy ones like you offer for our stitch alongs. I did Blessed and I also did Autumn with the pumpkins like the one you did. I have done larger ones, but not so intense.

    1. Maryanne nielsen

      You seem to know so much about cross stitch. I have over 200 of valdani balls of thread. I’m no longer able to wool applique. I want to use my valdani to cross stitch. I have the dmc book of floss colors. I’m pretty confident I can get the colors correct or close.
      Been suggested to me that valdani #8 is equal to 3 strands and uses 14 count aida cloth. Also #12is equal to 2 strands and would use 16 count cloth.
      Does this sound about right. I really need something creatito do. do.

  2. I ordered a Christmas picture of Santa, Christmas tree with presents and a fireplace I started middle of Jan 23 with the hopes of completing before Christmas. It’s big and completely cross stitch on aida. I’m maybe a fourth done so I’ve put it aside for now. What you do Jo is the way to go. Beautiful pieces!

  3. I no longer cross stitch. I loved the style of the pandemic one Kelli is doing. It looks beautiful in the color she chose.

  4. I love the look of the ones Kelli is doing, but I’m afraid I’d never finish them. I’m working on a Plum Street Sampler with big filled areas. I’m plugging along, but I’m not sure when I’ll get it done.

  5. Very nice! I started a large Christmas picture and started it middle of January with the hopes of finishing for Christmas. It’s not looking good. Working on aida there’s so much more stitching.

  6. I love seeing Kelli’s cross stitch!
    I have the pattern for His eye is on the sparrow but no linen or thread. I’m intimidated but I know I’ll start sometime. I love it! Lots to finish currently—mostly quilt projects I started when I worked full time. I’m enjoying them again!

  7. I am working on a DMC Fractal which is the largest & most intense xstitch project I’ve ever done. It has 88 colors & 28 pages of graphs–I’m on page 3! There are single floating stitches & tons of color changes. One small section had 10 stitches comprised of 8 different colors. And to top it off, it’s worked on black. Once I’m in a groove, it becomes meditative. But it is challenging!

  8. I haven’t cross stitched anything that big. She’s got an amazing talent and willpower to do those masterpieces. I did one time do a candlewicking peacock as a wedding gift. I think the French knots are probably a lot easier than those little x’s. Stunning work on both of you and your projects.

  9. All are lovely and it’s always fun to see what others are working on. I have done multiple large projects through the years. Just love how cross stitching goes from nothing to something.

  10. I’m working on Pandemic right now, although mine is in navy blue silk. It’s so fun to see it slowly emerge. Kelly’s twice as far as I am, but that’s ok. Little by little it’ll get done.

  11. I’m not doing any cross stitch but I wanted to say, I think all the ones Kelli is doing are awesome! They’ll look stunning when they’re finished.

  12. I’ve done a couple of large pieces – I break them into smaller sections (in my head) which has helped with the feeling of ‘overwhelming’ – GREAT and BEAUIFUL work, Kelli!

  13. I prefer big cross stich projects over little ones, and after I tried a full coverage piece I was hooked! I fell in love with Golden Kite patterns which are mostly based on famous artworks and tapestries – bought 4 patterns 18 years ago and finally started the first this year! Keep on stitching Kelli, I’m super excited to see a finish of the Unicorn, Badger project 8)

  14. Wow – amazing – I admire anyone doing this kind of cross stitching – especially on linen! Beautiful work.
    Love and prayers

  15. Cheryl Randleman

    I have finished a couple big ones – a band sampler and Christmas garden – a couple more in progress and little projects between. Would love to see any finished items Kelli has done!

  16. Mary Ann Mettler

    Wow Kelli – Those are amazing indeed!

    I love all the pieces you two do – but I have not ventured into doing cross stitch much. My girls have in the past and I have some cross stitch pieces in my home.

  17. I have done many complicated cross stitch pieces. I always said the next one would be simple or easy but my heart just couldn’t do that. I loved the difficult ones better. Kelli is doing a great job -I like all of her started patterns!

  18. Wow, great work, Kelly! I’d love to start some of those (especially the unicorn) but I’m not as young as you and afraid I’d never finish! I did just start Lilies with you as my BAP to School stitch so I must be an optimist! Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing.

  19. Kathy Henderson

    I love those pieces that she’s working on! I have stitched a couple of small samplers, but I seem to be more drawn to modern designs. Right now I’m plugging away on a SAL through Satsuma Street. It’s mostly full coverage with a Four Elements design. Most others have finished long ago, but I’m still plugging away little by little. I also like the Long Dog pieces I’ve seen, but I haven’t purchased any of those charts yet.

  20. Kelli – I love all your projects! I also have Consider the Lilies and His Eye Is on the Sparrow. I want to do the Lilies one for my granddaughters and the Sparrow one for my grandsons. But then I want to do so many patterns!

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