A Special Box from Teresa

Yesterday Floyd, our mailman, drove up the driveway to the house to drop the mail off.  That means he has a package so I went out to great him.  I didn’t order anything so I wondered who order what.  Then I saw the package was mailed to me!

I opened the box.  Inside was a letter from Teresa over at Teresa Quilts.  She read my blog post about Kelli and I wanting to sew more charity quilts but being short on time and there being an overwhelming need….Well Teresa to the rescue.

My daughter Kalissa came home from college to find me checking out the quilts.  She asked what they were and I explained that Teresa gave them to us in hopes of us finding a place to donate them so they could help someone.  She got a HUGE smile on her face, grabbed the purple quilt and said, “I know where this one can go”.

She went on to explain that a gal who works with her at the Nursing Home had  asked if anyone was willing to donate something for a benefit they were having for her mom who was diagnosed with ALS.   Kalissa explained that she had wanted to ask me to make a quilt but knew that my plate was a little full and hadn’t asked.

Can you believe Teresa sent THREE completed quilts and FOUR tops??

I continue to be completely amazed at the generosity of quilters.   I don’t know of a group of ladies who I’d rather hang out with!!   In Teresa’s note she writes, “My father said his mother was a quilter and always tried to have one (a quilt) ready to give if there was a house fire or other disaster, so I would like to carry on the tradition.”

Quilts from Cindi and Teresa…fabric from Ila and so many others.  I am so thankful for all the great people my blog puts me contact with!!

So with your blessing Teresa, this quilt is going to the benefit.  May it bring lots of money to help this family in need.

2 thoughts on “A Special Box from Teresa”

  1. I agree — quilters ARE wonderful, generous people. Teresa’s familial idea of always having a quilt on hand to address a sudden need is a great one! Sometimes it’s just a matter of making an extra block from each project to combine into a sampler quilt or a great use of those leaders and enders Bonnie Hunter recommends… BTW, please tell us about the quilt pattern on the wall behind your pretty daughter and the quilt…

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