A Sophie Update

You might remember back in July I had a foster dog at my house named Simone. She was an Australian Shepherd that came from the puppy mill. She was a mill mom and even though she was young, she had several litters.

Without the needed nurturing, Simone was shy and easily scared. She didn’t know how to trust people and lacked confidence. I knew she would need someone special to give her a good life.

In comes my friend Connie. Connie had tried a dog from the shelter but the two weren’t a good fit. After a single day together, Connie knew the dog was too much for her to handle and sadly had to take the dog back to the shelter.

Connie had kind of sworn off dogs after that. I would mention a dog we had at the rescue and she’d quickly say no. Then I got Simone. I just knew the two would make a great couple. Connie is sweet and gentle. She has a quiet household. She’s very patient. I really thought they would be a good fit. The task was to convince Connie.

About then it was the end of July when we had a meet-up with Ray and other blog people at the Four Daughters Winery. I ended up convincing Connie to come home with me and meet Simone. The two became fast friends and Connie adopted Simone. Connie did say she was nervous to take her as she had two upcoming events that would require her to board the dog. I quickly volunteered to board here at my house. We’d just have a dog play day session. And that’s how Simone became Connie’s dog, Sophie. Yep, she renamed her. (The pup didn’t have a name when she came to the rescue so changing the name made no difference to Sophie)

For the last week or so Sophie has been back at my house visiting. The dogs get along really well. Sophie is still a little shy and uncertain but I can see many improvements. She’s starting to understand house life.

She is understanding regular dog life too. I was so happy when she tore apart one of Izzy’s toys!! It’s so good to see her acting like a normal dog. In the early childhood education field, they say that kids who suffered abuse often missed stages of life because they were frightened or scared or not allowed to be a kid. They say to really recover they need to go back and experience some of the things they missed.

I’m taking the toy destruction as a very good sign that Sophie is catching up on some of the things she missed as a puppy mill dog. She didn’t harm anything else in the house-just a few of Izzy’s toys (Rosie doesn’t play with toys). I’m impressed-and happy! I’m taking it all as a good sign.

Connie, of course, felt bad. Not me. Izzy still goes through a few toys…not as much as she used to-so one less toy is no big deal. Besides, as soon as I saw Sophie take out one toy, I put Izzy’s favorite toys up and away from Sophie.

No worries though…Aunt Connie brought Izzy new toys. So many toys!!

It was a fun time with Sophie and fun that I was able to see Connie again. She was at a quilting retreat so when she picked Sophie up yesterday, she played show and tell with all of her newly finished projects. So fun!! Plus Connie helped me make some border decisions on one of my quilts. Quilty friends are the best!!

All in all, fun was had by all…including Sophie!! And that’s the best news ever!!

7 thoughts on “A Sophie Update”

  1. So nice to hear the follow up on Sophie and see her progress. You have had so many fosters and I hope they all are as happy in their new homes as she is.
    Connie is lucky to have such a sweet girl as her loving companion. You made a good match!

  2. Mary Ann Mettler

    This is a sweet post – I am sure Sophie is a great companion and companions are fun to have. Also friends who help you make decisions are great, or friends that board dogs also. Kindness makes the world a better place.

  3. Good news! I was afraid there wasn’t a pay ending and so glad it ended well. Thank you for sharing such a happy update.

  4. Rosie Westerhold

    Great to hear the update on Sophie. We rescued a puppy mill dog just a little over 10 years ago. She’s now about 14 (maybe), but she never really learned to “play.” Either with other dogs or with very many toys. We had several other rescues at the time, and those rescues were bigger dogs. Our little Pom was just that, little in comparison to the big Chow Chows. Just made me sad that she couldn’t/didn’t know how to play with other dogs. She was around other smaller dogs from time to time, but those other dogs didn’t know how to play, either. She did “play” with herself, though. It was the cutest thing to hear her tossing one of her toys in the air, grabbing it, then throwing it across the room, chasing it, then tossing it again. She would do that for 20 minutes or more at a time. So cute. She “played,” but only by herself. Never with me or with my husband.

    Also have my rescued Chow Chow who is almost 11. She is STILL skittish, and have had her since she was about 10 months old. Took over 2 years until we could really pet her. She would NEVER be in the same room with us initially. If we were here, she would go there. It we went there, she would go to another spot. Now, I have to literally step over her to get to another room because she is sprawled in doorways or in front of the door or at the bottom of stairs. She’s OK with me stepping over her, but if I want to pet her and she’s not “ready,” it’s amazing how fast she can move for an old girl!

    I swear, rescues are THE BEST dogs. These 2 got me through COVID, as well as the death of my husband right in the middle of COVID lockdown. I had to survive so I could take care of the fur kids. And THEY helped me to survive, and got me through the worst of my grief. My fur kids plus all my quilting sisters (who got together via Zoom for nearly 2 years). Could not have survived without any of those things.

    My point is, rescues are some of the best dogs out there. You never quite know what you’re going to get, but have NEVER regretted adopting any of our rescues. Think they were all pure-breed dogs, but just didn’t have “papers” to prove it. Not needed when we weren’t breeding them. They just needed to be companions. I would DEFINITELY be a foster-fail if I tried to volunteer for that. But you have wonderful Izzy because of “failing” at fostering. She has been a GREAT addition in your life.

    I so enjoy reading about all of your adventures, and your growing family. Hope you keep blogging well into the future.

  5. Barbara Firesheets

    Congratulations to Connie on her sweet girl Sophie! They sound like a great match. So glad both of them got to visit with you.

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