A Snow Day

It has been quite the winter around here.  First plagued by cold and now it’s snow.  In our area we are very close to breaking records for the most subzero temperatures….then as soon as it warmed up (all the way to 22 degrees), we’re  scheduled for waves of snow.

Saturday we got 4″ and the classes I’ve been teaching were cancelled.  Monday, more snow again.  Snow for a few more days this week….


I am so ready for spring.  I know Hubby is too.  Well meaning people come up and ask, “How’s the house coming along?”  Well it’s not.  We really can’t do a lot more until the electrician comes and with all the frozen water lines, the electricians are all working on the plumbing side of the business.  We also need the snow to be gone and that is not happening.

To be honest, I think we’ve been spoiled for the last few years we’d get snow and it would melt in between storms.  Not this year.  We’ve been in for a LONG haul of winter.


When the kids were little, I liked snow days.  Especially when we got the heavy wet snow like today.  The kids would be out building forts and snowmen.

Now days, it’s just another dreary day….It sure would be nice if kids were home and hot chocolate was warming on the stove….Oh well, enough of that nostalgia.  I have quilts that are waiting to be sewn.

4 thoughts on “A Snow Day”

  1. We are having the same up here in North Dakota, Jo. Hopefully, we have seen the last of the below-zero temperatures.


  2. Oh, how I miss snow days! I grew up in SW Minnesota, so I know all about the kind of winter you are experiencing! I love seeing your pictures, makes me think of Laura Ingalls Wilder in her book “The Long Winter”.

  3. Wonderful pictures Jo…we are so the opposite! Sunny every day..in the 60’s and 70’s..but NO rain in sight. We’re (Californians) going to be coming to Iowa for our showers every morning. Happy quilting.

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