A Sneak Peek at Maverick Stars

I caved to the pressure.  Rather than only sew maverick stars as just leaders and enders project, as it started out, it became a full fledged project over the weekend….
Want to see a peek?
What do you think?  As I sew rows together, I am starting to contemplate borders and backings…  
I said to my hubby, “Is it a little busy?”  He, of course, added his two cents, “If you don’t want it to look so busy, then quit cutting the stuff up!”…good point.  I guess I am going to strike the word “busy” out of my quilting vocabulary and change the word to scrappy. 

I have LOVED this project.  I have “cleaned out” lots of fabric that I recently began to wonder why I had purchased….Check out that cream with orange flowers….what was I thinking when I bought that?  Well wonder no more.  I have used it up.  There’s lots of “cleaned out” fabric in this quilt.  In Bonnie Hunter’s book, Scraps and Shirttails, she says if a fabric is still ugly it just means you haven’t cut it up small enough!….I giggled when I read that and IMMEDIATELY began cutting up those pieces of ugly fabric in my stash into 2.5 inch pieces for this quilt.

If you want to see how this project began or learn how to make your own scrappy stars check out my post How a College Mom Quilts.  Check back later to see the finished project….

2 thoughts on “A Sneak Peek at Maverick Stars”

  1. I have so enjoyed reading thru your blog tonight and seeing all of your beautiful work! I am so glad you included your blogs addy on the Maverick Stars photo you uploaded to the quiltville yahoo group!!! :)

    I know THE Bonnie Hunter uses her Maverick Star often as I can recall several times she’s stuck one in a corner of a border or within a college of blocks in a quilt… but I think your quilt is the first I’ve seen made up of JUST maverick star after maverick star. It’s awesome! and the perfect amount of scrappiness!

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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