A Slight Panic

Because I have a blog and a website people immediately think I know something about computers.  That is not true.  I don’t.  Typically I know only enough about the program to do what I need and and no more.

Monday night when I was teaching class someone asked me how to remove a post that they had put on Facebook.  Well I could do that.  That was an easy one for me because I have had to do that many times before.  I’ve made typos in a post or regretted what I wrote so that one, due to my personal experience, I could quickly fix.

I also have a lot of people think that because I have a blog I know all about how to go about getting one…that would be incorrect.  Our daughter Kayla is the whiz at that she set it up for me.  I do very little changes on the blog because I don’t k now how.  I write posts because that is the thing I do know how to do.

Recently I had a childcare kiddo come much earlier than she usually comes.  I hadn’t checked the blog to make sure a blog post had gone live overnight so I sat her on my lap at the computer desk and I flipped onto the blog.  Drat.  I had scheduled a post to go live at the wrong time and a new post wasn’t up.  I flipped into the program and went to change the time of the post and just then my screen changed.  It went from this….where I could see all the side bars to…

this where I could see only the words.

UGH.  The kiddo on my lap had pushed something that I didn’t know how to reverse.  My first response is panic.  I absolutely hate computer problems.  As soon as something is wrong with the computer I honestly go all “mush brain” and panic.

After some playing, messing around and finally Googling, I figured it out.  It was a simple fix.  I just held down the Control button and hit the minus key.  How easy?!

Why, oh why, do I have to panic first?

If I was just calm and Googled before panicking I could likely add years to my life….when it comes to computers though panic is always my fist go to.  I think the panic comes because for me, computers aren’t logical…not tangible…I can’t see the problem so can’t see the solution.  Tell me to recover some cushion pads…I can think that through.  My brain just doesn’t do technology very well.

You can ask any of my kids about me and computers and they will roll their eyes and tell you about the frantic phone calls I have made to them to talk me out of a computer problem.  I’ve done it to them all.  I can almost imagine that my kids’ prayers at night go something like this….”..and God, please don’t let my Mom have a computer problem that she thinks I can fix over the phone.”

I think as I’ve gotten older I’ve gotten worse too….

Well, this problem is fixed, I’ve even now wrote a blog post about it, and now I can finally say I’m over this small little bump on my computer problem road….and if you ever want to know much about computers, for the record, I’m not the person to ask.

5 thoughts on “A Slight Panic”

  1. I’ve learned a lot about computers over the last 20 yrs. or so. Enough to solve most problems related to software and some basic hardware. I clean up or fix a few computers for a fee. What’s annoying to me is a neighbor who shows up on my doorstep and expects me to drop everything and work on his computer immediately because he just HAS to play his Publishers Clearing House games. Going to win that $10,000 a week for life you know!! His problems are always user error and then panic.
    And then there are the ones who show up at my work with their computers, because if they come to the library to get their computer problems fixed they shouldn’t have to pay should they? After all, the librarian is already getting paid isn’t she? Fixing computers over the phone isn’t easy, but there are those who think that’s the way to go because if they don’t bring it to me they don’t have to pay, right? Be glad you have kids that are computer smart and can help you. After all, you gave them life for just that reason didn’t you? :)

  2. Yep, I know exactly what you’re talking about. I would have no blog if it weren’t for my son William. Soon he will be finished with college and out on his own (I hope) and I’ll be in major panic mode!!!

  3. I feel the same way–panic sets in when I accidently change anything. I can post to my blog and that’s about it. I am totally tech-challenged! At least you have your kids to help.

  4. I, too, do panic mode rather well! When I worked, I was lucky to always have someone who was computer smart. I would write down everything as they explained it to me, so that I wouldn’t have to bother them again. (My book of brains.)

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