A Skating Story with Georgia

Before I tell you about Georgia’s Skating story I want you to know that I am aware that there is a glitch with the blog and that some pictures aren’t showing up when the post publishes.  It’s a problem my daughter Kayla and I are working on.  Sadly it might take a day or two to figure it all out.  Please be patient with us as we work through it.

I told you earlier in the week that my kids and grandkids were home last weekend.  We had a lot of fun rollerskating a few weeks ago but Georgie wasn’t with and didn’t get the chance to try out skating..my daughter’s son Jasper didn’t get to go either.  We purposely planned to go skating so those two could have a try at it.

Due to logistics and the amount of people who were going, we needed to take three cars.  I had Georgie with me.

For anyone new here, I’ve explained that there is only one Georgia and she is a bit of a pistol.  She’s been that way since the moment she was born.  She is very much a “Hello World, here I am” kind of girl.  My husband would have discribed her as “full of piss and vinegar”.  She’s just that way and we’ve all come to accept it.

Georgie and I were the first ones to the rink. I thought about waiting for everyone else but then decided nope.  If were were bring eight kids, we needed to start getting skates on some of them.  I got her skates, put them on and then got a walker for her.  She stood up on her skates and five seconds later, she was done.  She was not skating.  She wanted nothing to do with this.  She was ready to go home.  UGH.  this was not going to fun.  She started screaming about not wanting to go skating.  Oh great.  Thankfully the music was loud enough that she couldn’t be heard.

I thought I would try to reason with her…talk her into trying it as she really didn’t give it a fair try.  I picked her up.  I put her on my lap and was just going to start to say something when CRACK!  She had taken her foot with the skates on and kicked into my shin because she was mad and didn’t want to listen to me.  I started to say “Georgia, you can’t kick me” when CRACK!  She kicked me with the other foot in the opposite shin.  OH MY WORD!!  I picked her up off my lap and put her on the ground.  Then I snapped the picture below so I could send it to her mom and her mom could see that we tried and Georgia was just being naughty.

Kayla came with Jasper.  I watched him while Kayla put on her skates and Georgia screamed.  Buck came with the kids and helped them get skates while Georgia screamed.   I helped some kids I knew get their skates on while Georgia screamed.  Then Kalissa and Craig came with the boys.  They got their skates on.  I told Kalissa and Kayla what happend with Georgia and her kicking me.  Kayla sweetly said, “I can help her”.  Kalissa said, “No.  This is a job for me.”  It was.  It was totally a job for Kalissa.

Kalissa takes ZERO crap from Georgia and Georgia knows it.  Kalissa grabbed her hand and pulled her out on the rink.  Georgia screamed for two laps.  Kalissa didn’t let her go and made her skate.

Then Kalissa got a walker and put Georgia with the walker.  She skated with her two laps around….and you guessed it.  Georgia still screamed.  After two laps of that, Kalissa told Georgia that she would see her later and skated away.  Just like that, Georgia quit fussing and away she went with the walker all on her own.  She LOVES skating.

That is life with Georgia.

That girl needs LARGE doses of tough love.

Georgia got so brave that she…
Did the limbo with Kayla.

I can safely say everyone had a good time.

Here is Buck with his daughter Lucy.  She just turned five in December.

This is Buck’s older son Scott.  We all call him Scotty.  Big news for Scotty was that he didn’t need a walker this time around.  He did so good.

Carver, Kalissa’s son, used a walker part of the time, but he too tried some skating with not walker.

Jasper tried skates but her decided he liked being in the car better.  Here is Carver pushing him.  At one point there were so many kids there that needed walkers.  By pushing Jasper, Carver more or less had a walker and that gave him confidence to try a couple laps with not walker.

Gannon was in a mood where he wanted snacks more than he wanted skating.

Lilly was a car rider and lucky for her, Buck loves skating.

I had to share this picture of Lilly.  She does this smirk when she’s not getting her way.

She cracks me up.

Kalissa pushed Lilly too.  I love that the rink has balls and cars.  It helps make this more of a family fun night.

At the end of the event, Buck was off getting Lucy and Scotty’s skates returned.  Lilly wanted to ride some more so Kayla double teamed and pushed them both.

When my kids were little, we lived in the neighboring town.  I liked to walk and wanted to walk for exercise.  I had five kids and couldn’t leave them alone in the house while I walked.  We didn’t have money to hire a sitter and my husband worked long hours.  There really was no way for me to get out.  I ended up finding thrifted skates for them all and the oldest kids skated while I walked and I pushed Kalissa in the stroller.  It goes to show, if there is a will, there is a way.

I’m so glad that I did that and exposed the kids to skating.

I myself don’t skate but trust me, I stay busy the entire time we’re there helping someone get a treat, go to the bathroom, lacing skates, tightening skates.  There is always something for me to do and I love it.  I think skating will be a family tradition we continue.  It’s so fun…even if I get my shins kicked with skated feet.  Oh Georgia.

On the way home, Georgie asked if we could go to the thrift store.  I said no it was Sunday and they are closed on Sunday.  She stayed overnight that night, woke the next morning and said to me, can we go skating today?  I said no.  Skating is just on Sunday or Friday.  She said oh then that means we go to the thrift store, right grandma??

Oh that kid.  It’s a good thing she has the unconditional love stamp on her!!  I do very much love her…even with a bruise on my shin.

10 thoughts on “A Skating Story with Georgia”

  1. Tell Georgie that I am old and if we had have skate walkers when I was young I would have been skating at 4 years old instead of 5 years old….. HaHa

  2. I don’t think Georgia will be able to top the escapade at walmart….I still laugh about that blog post!
    Skating is such a fun activity for the kids. I didn’t skate with my older boys (in their 20s), but do with my daughter…or at least until I became embarrassing. lol

  3. Oh, Georgie!! Skating is so fun. When I was quite little we lived in a very large house – didn’t use upstairs for living quarters. The room above kitchen had unfinished wood floors and we kids skated there with those skates that clamped on over shoes. Oh so fun. Later I liked to roller blade. I am so glad you are able to introduce your grands to roller skating. It can be family fun at affordable prices.

  4. That brings back fond memories! We used to go to the rink every Sat. to skate. I think at the beginning, they had free lessons for newbies and so I was there and learned. I did all kinds of ‘tricks’, spinning in circles, doing ‘shoot the duck’ and they always did the hokey pokey once every Sat. We skating for 3-4 hrs. every Sat. and I never got tired of it! No walkers or cars back then; first I’ve ever seen or heard of them but a great idea.

  5. My daughter (now grown) was just like Georgia. I literally had to throw her into the pool the first time, and then drag her out 2 hours later. The first time we went snow tubing, I pushed her to make her go down the hill, then again, 2 hours later she was begging for “one more time”, even though she was blue with cold. You have to put up with the screaming but then everyone has a good time.

  6. Not too sure if i should say this but Buck looks like a much younger more relaxed young man in the skating photo.

    thanks for sharing your family’s fun

  7. We used to run all across town after school to the local skating rink for birthday parties. The Mom paid for our skate rental & a soda (in a glass bottle). We had cupcakes that she brought & then the birthday child got to open their gifts. It was open weekends so we spent many hours there. The owner’s daughter was the best skater around.

  8. When you said skating I thought ice skating now that would have hurt the shins! So glad it’s only bruises but get well soon, you are a great grandma!

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