A Sink Redo

When we build the house we knew we wanted old fashion sinks in the bathrooms.  We looked for new but never saw anything we wanted to afford so in the end we bought an old one with the intention of one day refurbishing it.  We knew there were people that did that but at the time the house was getting together we had neither the funds or the ambition to find anyone to do it.

The the other day I was chatting with a gal that I had here to wash the windows.  Her husband recently went to the classes and learned how.  COOL.  I was happy.

She took some pictures of my sink and sent them to her husband asking his availability and a price estimate.


Here you can see the damage that needs to be fixed.It’s not the best…

See the corrosion at the base of the faucet and the drain?


Well she said that he thought it would $100 and that he could do it next week…

Well he came and check out the difference.  The lighting of the pictures make the sink look yellow but it isn’t….it’s white.


It’s looking much better.  Sadly we did pick some humid days to do this over and I think the finish would have been just a bit better without the humidity to play into the drying.

Overall I’m happy with the improvement.


I did get brave enough to ask about redoing the tubs.  UGH.  $300-$400 per tube and that doesn’t include the claw feet.  I guess that will simply have to wait for awhile.  It’s a good thing that the few stains in the tub don’t really bother me because for now…I’m not affording that.

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