A Showing of Red and Green…

Every since Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts has been hosting her Finish is up Fridays, I have been super motivated to get projects that have been hanging out around here finished. I didn’t get this latest quilt finished, but I did make some progress.

Our daughter Kelli pieced this quilt for a project we were working on together.  Then we decided not to use the quilt for the project.  It’s been sitting around here waiting for a backing and for it’s turn in the quilting machine.  Well…I have some progress to show…


The simple pieced back finished and the quilt is in the machine.  Hopefully I will be able to squeeze in a little time to get it quilted.

It’s a fun quilt that is easy to piece.  The quilt is AccuQuilt GO! friendly so we’ll be doing a video and giving  instructions on how to make it in the upcoming week or so.

3 thoughts on “A Showing of Red and Green…”

  1. Laurel from Iowa

    That’s a pretty quilt, Jo. Normally red + green quilts look too Christmasy for me, but I really like this one. Well done!

  2. Pretty quilt. I’ve been following your blog for a while. I’d like to hear about your quilting machine. What is the brand, is it expensive, is it user friendly, etc? I wouldn’t even know where to begin shopping for one (or know if I could even afford one). I’ve done some hand quilting and some basic quilting on my sewing machine. I tend to enjoy piecing most, though. Thanks.

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