A Schnibbley Weekend

My weekend was a quilter’s dream….
I cut.  I sorted.  I ironed.  I sewed….pretty much, all weekend!  I got my Madeline Schnibble top put together for the Year of Scnibbles.  I’ll show you that at the end of the month….

I also got a Cindy Lou Who Schnibble quilt top done too! (I can’t wait for winter to pass so I can take some decent photos…the fabric is actually gold, not yellow)
My quilting resolution is to use up some of the things I have….and the Cindy Lou Who Schnibble is just that…made of left over scraps I already had.

I made this quilt in December but I had quite a few left overs.
The fabric has a bit of a scheen to it so it doesn’t mix well with my regular scraps so I measured and counted and measured and counted some more and YES…there was enough left over to make the Schnibble.   The fabric is Collections for a Cause-Traditions.  I think this little Schnibble will be going to our church’s youth fundrasier as they are having a silent auction to raise money for a mission trip to Puerto Rico.

It sure feels good to have made something with the scraps….only problem, there’s a few more scraps of the same fabric left….now I need to think of a smaller project because I used all of the larger scraps.  I have a feeling that this could go on forever.

4 thoughts on “A Schnibbley Weekend”

  1. Your Cindy Lou Who is Great! I love those colors, really nice! Glad you did one even though it wasn’t this month’s Schnibble!

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