A Saturday Visit

On Saturday our daughter Kayla called and asked if I was up for a visit…ALWAYS! So I started scrambling to think of something I could make that I could eat and they could eat. Hmm.

I called our daughter Kalissa to let her know and to say if she wasn’t working, maybe they wanted to come over too. Sunday was Gannon’s birthday and we could do an impromptu cake and ice cream event. She said they would come…then son Karl got the call. They were all coming. Oh no. What was I going to make to eat….blah. That’s the worst part of this diet.

I figure out that I could make Puppy Chow…

Chex has non-iodized salt so it was okay. I had some “legal” peanut butter and plant butter along with “legal” chocolate chips.

It wasn’t too bad. As good as regular…no. But a darn good substitute.

Then the cake. UGH. I knew I could make Kramer cake. The recipe is HERE. It doesn’t use eggs and I don’t put any salt in so it’s okay to make to and eat. But frosting…hmm. Normally I make cream cheese frosting. I couldn’t make that as I can’t have dairy and cream cheese is dairy. I thought and thought and ended up making a peanut butter frosting. I used a half stick of plant butter and 1/2 cup of peanut butter. I softened that in the microwave. I added a touch of vanilla. Then I added powdered sugar and mixed it up. Darn. I used too much powdered sugar. What could I use to thim the frosting?? I finally came up with an Almond Milk creamer that was caramel macchiato flavored. It worked.

Everyone ranted and raved saying they loved it. Gannon approved it.

Can you believe he’s FIVE??

I liked the cake too!! What a treat to be able to eat something sweet!!

We’re a family that likes to “do things” while we’re together. Kayla had gone into my laundry room and saw the stack of shirts I was looking to cut into fabric.

She asked if I wanted help with them…YES PLEASE!! I’ll never turn down help to take shirts apart!!

And with Kayla’s help, just like that…my shirts are now fabric!! I’m so happy!! I had been saving this job to do when I was on quarantine….but now that it’s done, maybe I can pull out the punch needle and relearn how to do that. I have that on my list too.

Oh my. I was just tickled to have a visit and to accomplish something too. I swear those shirts have been on my dryer waiting for me to cut them up for well over a month!!! I was doing the happy dance.

Because of that, I didn’t get any pictures of the grandkids. I can report that Jasper is doing well and managing himself really well considering he has a broken collarbone. The bone will heal on its own but it is problematic that he not fall or roughhouse so the bones don’t get out of line. Thankfully Jasper is a pretty calm child. Just to be cautionary, Kayla and Spencer have been staying home with him over the last two weeks and Japser hasn’t gone to childcare. One more week of that and then he should be going back.

I ended up having a good day…

12 thoughts on “A Saturday Visit”

  1. Your cake looks delicious! This recipe is a definite keeper.
    Gannon is five already?! That means I’ve been reading your blog for 5 years – wow the time has flown!

  2. So Glad you had a great time with family – so important.
    And that cake – yum! You truly are a great cook!
    Love and prayers!

  3. That cake looks really tasty, and Gannon is obviously pleased with it. It’s so good that you had a fun AND productive time with family.

  4. How fun! You always amaze me how you can come up with food to make at the last minute when family comes. It looks delicious and so glad you were able to enjoy! It is unbelievable that Gannon is five – already!! So fun that you all could cut up the shirts. You have such great daughters!!

  5. What a great weekend. Good company, good food, a celebration, lots of smiles. And the saying “Many hands make light work” certainly held true with that pile of shirts. I will be thinking of you and your family in the days ahead.

  6. Love your family get together stories! I cannot believe Gannon is 5! Wow! Happy birthday Gannon!
    Will be thinking of you as you do your treatment!

  7. Happy 5th Birthday to Gannon! looks like a fun filled day with family. Great job with the cake and love that idea for frosting. So many great shirts in that pile, wonder what you plan to make.

  8. So glad that you had family time before you head to the hospital and quarantine. Oh my, Gannon will be in kindergarten this fall. Time flies! Thanks to the daughter’s help, you’ll be ready to cut and sew when you get home from the hospital.

  9. Family is EVERYTHING! You did a great job of pulling together the food. I’m sure Gannon and the family loved it. Glad to see the shirt pile got taken care of in short order.

  10. Jo- What, besides Hoopla, is a site for free library books? Was it Holly? Thought I’d written it own, but didn’t. : ( I’ll be thinking of you and sending prayers for you the rest of the week. Sending all best thoughts and wishes. I so enjoy how you share your busy life with us- your family, recipes, sweet dogs, jobs, and grandchildren events.
    I admire your attitude, and the love you’ve shown your family and vice verse. May it all continue for MANY, MANY more happy years!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY GANNON! Can’t believe you’re FIVE already! : )
    Brenda King, Bend, Or.

  11. Your Kramer cake looks very similar to a recipe I have that has no eggs or dairy. It also uses vinegar and bicarb soda. It’s the best chocolate cake recipe, and I made it a lot for my family. It also cooks up very nicely as muffins. Sounds like you had a great time with your family. Family times are so precious

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