A Sad Little Rosie

As you all know things can be a little chaotic around here. Yesterday was a busy day. I had six grandkids here that I was taking care of. I had them and them and Kalissa and Kelli, our daughters, here for supper. I had someone come and meet Jerry my foster dog in the middle of it all.

Jerry ended up going home with them. The new family had a female corgi who came with them to see if the dogs would get along. We thought it was okay and we’d give the new home a try.

After he left, I pulled the bedding from the kennel and put that in the wash and I had Kelli help me put the kennel in the garage. Jerry was gone and we didn’t need it in the house anymore. I moved some things around trying to get everything in place while my house was full of kids…but at least now we had more room to move with the kennel gone.

The day went on. The kids were outside much of the day. My dogs were out hanging with them too.

Supper was over. Everyone left. I took the dog bedding Jerry had used out of the wash and took it to the garage and put it back in the kennel so it was ready when the next foster dog came. That’s when I saw that in the kennel shuffle, the dog food bag that was open got put on the garage floor and the top wasn’t folded down anymore. AH!! Just then I remembered that Rosie had spent a lot of time in the garage.

I went and looked at her and her stomach was large. She had gotten into the dog food and overate. AHH!

There was nothing I could do so I just watched her. Nothing happened that night but I woke the next morning to poop in the kennel. UGH.

The poor girl spent much of the day like this…miserable.

She pooped on the rug in the upstairs hallway. It got on a shoe and before we knew it, the poop had tracked a couple of steps forward. UGH.

I went to clean it up and unknown to me, I got poop on the Clorax Wipes container…only to find that out later.

I started sewing…then stood up and put my knee on my sewing chair only to discover I had knelt in poop when I cleaned the poop in the hallway and then wiped it on the sewing room chair. AHH!!!

This is too much. I called the vet. They said when dogs overeat, typically it just “works its way out”. Great.

There was a poop incident in the spare bedroom. The bedroom doors all got shut as did any other door I could shut.

There was a poop incident in the living room and one in the dining room. AHHH!! THAT DOG!!

We’ve had no problems since about 2 pm.

The poor girl just isn’t happy.

She’s finally settled down and is sleeping in her dog bed by the computer.

I would like to say she learned a lesson but she didn’t. Beagles don’t learn a lesson. Their nose overpowers any sense of right and wrong. If there is free food to eat, they are going to eat it.

I feel really bad that this happened. In all the hubbub with the grandkids and all that was happening, I didn’t even realize that bag of dog food got set on the floor. A new rule at my house is if the dog food doesn’t fit into the container, it WILL BE TAPED SHUT.

I’m off to move the laundry…

30 thoughts on “A Sad Little Rosie”

  1. Cynthia from Nebraska

    I know this wasn’t AT ALL funny, but I gotta admit I did laugh out loud. And I did need that today, so thanks. We have had a number of dogs and a number of incidents involving barf, poop, and pee…but nothing like your ONE very bad day. :(

  2. I guess we could ask my DIL what happens when a chocolate lab eats an entire Pecan Pie that it pulled of the counter. I imagine Rosie was feeling pretty bad about eating all that dog food and having accidents in the house.

  3. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

    Sorry to hear Rosie over ate. Taping didn’t work with my dog. He chewed through the bag. All we do now is put the opened bag up high or behind something and he leaves it alone. Good luck. A funny story I can tell you. I had made some sourdough pesto garlic knots and my son just needed to let them finish rising then bake them. He had to pop out to the store for a minute. When he came back the dog had pulled both cookie sheets of 24 raw buns off the counter, got into the proofing bags and his dog and his pet pig ate all of it. Not fun! A real mess that was. Though now we laugh about it.

  4. The nose of a beagle… Our Daisy devoured a pound of Hershey’s Kisses very carefully smuggling them out the dog door, opening them and leaving little silver wrappers all over the back yard. She was immune to chocolate. Then she unzipped my brothers luggage, got his cancer meds and ate them. We almost lost her then. The vet put the pic line in to put her to sleep and she raised her head, looked pleadingly at me so I asked if I could have a few minutes and she rallied. She lived to a ripe old age of at least 16 to 18. Gotta love those sweet beagles despite the “accidents” from an overactive nose.

  5. Oh my- that’s how I feel after Thanksgiving dinner. Hope Rosie will think twice ( I know just like us -she won’t) before feasting again. I’m sorry you had such a mess to clean up. Glad you’re still helping to foster and get good homes for all those pups.

  6. Rosie Westerhold from NE

    I woke up Friday morning to poop, pee, and PUKE all over the house!! I have a Pomeranian and a Chow, and BOTH of them contributed to the mess. Not funny at the time, but it’s KIND of humorous now. So, I can totally relate to your day of poop messes. But we love our fur kids so much that we put up with these small inconveniences.

  7. Poor Rosie, but she definitely won’t have learned her lesson if our Labrador is anything to go by! I feel for you, Jo, dealing with all the mess. It’s no fun!

  8. Yes I could read this one but not the favorite notion! I am reading on my android phone, by email. I went to the website to try that instead of the email but it was the same.

  9. Poor Rosie! I’d also say, Poor Jo!! I guess when we have dogs we can expect accidents but still no fun to deal with. Thankfully, all is good.

  10. Just had to tell you I picked up a 2018 magazine on the free table at my quilt guild yesterday and lo and behold -Piccadilly Circus was in there! Your directions are much easier but thank you for creating the pattern.

  11. Poor Rosie and poor “mama” Jo. What a lesson to learn.
    Dash, our shelter dog, has a sensitive stomach – can’t eat anything with rice. Yep – poop – but I won’t get into details. Suffice to say no more food with rice! Wish your blog had an emoji with a green face! LOL!
    Love and prayers

  12. Helen Reimers

    Our Peeps, yes like the Easter candy, will over eat anything he can. The dogfood stays in a metal garbage can with a lid. Easy. Just drop the sack in there and put the lid on. My husband’s idea. We had some of the same problems.

  13. My pug is the same. He can smell out food wherever! I ended up purchasing a 5 gallon food safe bucket with a screw lid. Works great for the dog food and it’s mouse proof too! It’s a
    5 Gallon White Bucket & Gamma Seal Lid – Food Grade Plastic Pail & Gamma2 Screw Seal Tight Lid (Red)
    I bought mine at a local grocery store and got it for approx $15

  14. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Poor Rosie!!! And very poor Jo!!! What a mess! I had a beagle growing up and when my brother died when she was 11, she somehow got locked in the garage with the tables of extra food (luckily it was winter) and ate an entire ham. She was so thirsty and her tummy was as tight as a drum…just miserable. Luckily she had a doggy door to the backyard so I don’t remember any messes in the house, but that poor dog! Beagles definitely will eat themselves to death, but they are such wonderful dogs.

  15. Christine Burch

    You have to love beagles and their noses, gets them into all sorts of trouble. But I love how they will bury themselves into any and everything.

  16. I don’t know if taping shut will work either.

    Anything food related is locked down at my house; or out of reach. The hard part is when you travel to other locations.

    Proud owner of a 14yr old Beagle Hobbes.

  17. The “Kitting Up” blog came through in code when I tried to open it… the others are fine!!
    Issues or not – I enjoy your blog!

  18. Could not read your recent post -kitting up. All that shows is lots of symbols, letters, etc. This has happened to me several times, but the other posts show up. Could this be some of the problems you are having? I enjoy your posts.

  19. Hi Jo,
    Love your posts! My comment really isn’t about this one but about kitting up, which I can’t read or comment on because it shows up as that html (I’m assuming) gobbledygook. Wahh! I know you’re trying to solve the issue.
    I’m using my android phone and chrome. I can see the first few lines of preview but when I click “see more” iget a page of the gobbledygook. Thot I’d let you know! Cathy

  20. FYI- I’m not able to read the post titled “kitting up”. . I hope it can be fixed, I’m eager to see what you have kitted up!

  21. Linda Hancock

    Jo, what happens when your post comes up all text mixed up with hieroglyphics? It seems to be happening about every other post. Most disappointing. I miss you on those unreadable posts. What do I need to do?

    1. We think we have it fixed. It’s been so hard to pinpoint the problem as they don’t happen regularly. You can scroll back and read those blog posts and they should appear just fine.

  22. Hi Jo, you’re problem isn’t fixed yet. I can’t seem to get to your post Kitting Up no matter how I try to do it, just a bunch of numbers and letters.

  23. Must be the season. we have spent the last 3 days corralling our beagle boy from trash. It’s amazing how he keeps finding paper plates, wrappers, and the trash. No poops yet

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