A Rosie Update

If you’ve been a long-time reader, you know that Rosie has not been all puppy licks and snuggles.  I got Rosie at Christmas time in 2019.  My beloved beagle Ruby had passed.  Ruby was the best dog…calm, relaxed, and the perfect companion dog.  Our family lovingly called Ruby “the regal beagle”.  If there was such a thing as a proper well-mannered dog, it was Ruby.

Ruby left and in came Rosie.  There was nothing regal about her.  There was nothing mannerly about it.  She was all vim and vigor.  She was a mouther.  She was a nipper.  She had every ounce of hyper energy in her.  She like Ruby had some health issues early on.  She took forever to house train and it wasn’t for lack of trying.  It was partial health issues…partially just Rosie.

She was a LOT of puppy wrapped up in one little dog.  I had a blog reader tell me I should “send Rosie down the road”.


I was hopeful that someday she would calm down…it might be ten years down the road but someday…I was sure she would calm down.

Well, I’m happy to say that Rosie continues to improve.  She’s doing the things that all good dogs should.  She encourages me to get out and walk!

Our snow is almost gone.  It makes me so happy.

She’s learning that when I stop, she is supposed to sit.

We haven’t been able to walk out to the cemetery yet.  That road is covered in snow and it is gravel underneath.

The water is flowing in the creek as the snow melts.  Rosie loves seeing signs of spring as that means more walks for the two of us.

I’m seeing this all thanks to Rosie.  She needs a walk…and she politely lets me know she does.  I’m terrible about taking time for myself to walk…but if Rosie needs a walk, I do it.

I feel bad that the kids that I’m taking care of here really don’t have other kids to play with.  On the days I have Gannon, it’s often just him and the baby…no playmate…WRONG.  Rosie and Gannon are good friends.

Not too long ago Gannon had a blowout diaper and I threw him in the tub to really clean him up.  Rosie …stayed right by the side of the tub.

Before I knew it, Gannon was giving Rosie a drink from his toy cup.

Rosie loved it.  Gannon loved it.

I sat and stitched while I let them play.

Georgia gets along with Rosie in the same way.  The three of them have more or less grown up together being they were all 2019 babies.

Jasper doesn’t like Rosie as much but he’s getting better with her…Rosie is used to playing with Georgia and Gannon who are both a little more stable on their feet.

On days when it’s just the baby here, Rosie hangs with him.  She’s really good with him.  She often sits or lays right by him.  When I rock him, she jumps into the chair with us if I let her.  The baby loves her… sometimes too much.   He has reached out and grabbed her by the flap of skin that covers her teeth, Rosie didn’t do a thing.  No growl, no snap, no nothing.  This makes me so happy.

If I’m writing blog posts…this is where you’ll find her.  Right at my feet.  The same for supper.  She’s at my feet then too.

She still has a ways to go but I can honestly say, in the last few months, she’s really come into her own.  She’s slowly turning into the dog I hoped she’d be.  I am already anticipating the dog she’ll be a year from now.  Is she perfect…no.  Is she the regal beagle Ruby was no.  She’s herself though and I’m starting to really enjoy her.  She is starting to earn her keep and be the companion dog I had hoped for.

I’ll close with this precious picture.

This is her laying with Gannon.  She was sleeping with him but I grabbed my camera out to take a picture and she opened her eyes.  Ruby used to do this with Carver.  I’m so glad the kids are growing up with a dog in their lives…and me, I can confidently say, I’m so glad to have Rosie in my life too.

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  1. I’m so glad Rosie has captured your heart. Sometimes they are just “people “ and we expect far more from them. My one rescue dog Midnight was in “Jail” twice. This was her last chance. It took 21/2 yrs for her to finally understand she was “ours” and a family member. I hate to think of the abuse and loneliness she suffered.She adores my grand babies. Some just take more time to develop their personality.
    Glad Rosie is your forever girl.

  2. There is no better companion than a dog. I have one that isn’t holy terror, but she is still young, so I am confident she will be better in time. My others have all outgrown their teenage terror stages.

  3. Our boy Bo had been in rescue 4 years and gone home with 2 other families – one complained he didn’t like their cat, the other said he didn’t play with their 4 boys. He is little and timid, didn’t make a peep the first year. Won’t be quiet now lol. Loving, fun and appreciative, near perfect pup. And very loved.
    You should be proud of yourself for helping Rosie – it can be trying, but surely worthwhile.

  4. I am so happy to hear that Rosie is now a calmer dog and a good companion. Like people each dog can be a little different in different ways. You have been a good dog owner and have loved her through the trying times and I am sure she feels that. She is a cutie, especially playing with Gannon.

    1. Judith Fairchild

      I so enjoy your blogs with lots of grand children pictures. Be it on or all of them. Rosie is a huge plus in our lives even though she lives with you.

  5. I love this story and the pics. We had a beagle and she was the same with our kids , kind and gentle . I remember our little girl crawling over her , the dog would just lay there . She would pull on her jaws also , the dog never , ever growled . They really are great dogs .

  6. I’m the blog reader that suggested you send Rosie ” down the road” as you were bitterly complaining about her frequent urination and defecation in your home. This was at the same time that you wrote about your serious health concerns. You mentioned in a blog early this year that you were going to start being nicer to people, especially those whose opinions differed from yours. Well I’m here to call you on that as this is the 4th time that you’ve felt the need to bring up, yet again, the comment I made about getting rid of the dog if you didn’t like her bad habits. Shame on you. Let’s agree to disagree and give it a rest. I think you can figure out that I’m not a dog lover.

    1. Susan the Farm Quilter

      Jo didn’t name any names and I’m sure no one was going to take the time to hunt through 2 years worth of twice a day blog posts to find the comment you made about getting rid of Rosie. You outed yourself with this comment. Since you’re not a dog lover, why did you even make the comment to send Rosie down the road? For a dog lover, that is the equivalent of telling someone to sent their child down the road because they are going through the “terrible twos” or God forbid, a teen! Dogs are a member of the family, much more than just a pet like a hamster. Jo was just venting on her blog about a difficult thing she was dealing with, just like you would vent to a friend over a cup of coffee. Just like with any friend, it is our job to commiserate, encourage and give any good advice, tricks or hints that Jo may not have tried with Rosie to help with the situation. Just as Kalissa wouldn’t give up Gannon because he has medical problems, dog lovers will not give up on their dog just because of a relatively minor (annoying and frustrating though it may be) behavior issue that was complicated by a medical problem. Just an “I’m sorry you are having to deal with this” would have been better. If you don’t want to be called out on what you say in a comment, don’t try to shame the person calling you on it, just take an extra minute to consider if what you are writing is edifying and helpful first.

      1. A few thoughts; Lisa did you ever reach out to Jo to explain your comment more fully so that you both could have reached the agree to disagree stage privately? The fact that you still read the blog indicates that you must like her content for the most part and by extension her. So I can understand how it might feel to have your original comment referred to more than once. And Susan, I totally agree that if we all take a minute to assess if what we are about to say is truly helpful, we could avoid a lot of offense. Quite often we simply need to adjust our wording to be more kind. A good goal to have in the increasingly contentious time we live in. Let’s not allow discord into this space. We’re all unique and who knows, we might not even be friends in “real” life. But here, in spite of the odds, a community has been created where a diverse group of people can “gather”. It’s a precious thing. Blessings

  7. Hi Jo, those are such sweet pics of Rosie with children. I am like you, glass half full! I am not an outgoing person to begin with so when the pandemic came along, I didn’t mind not being able to go out. There were things I missed. My great niece got married, my grandson got confirmed. We didn’t go to church. My doctor told me not to go to these because of my heart and lungs. I am so thankful I had so many sewing/quilting projects stored up that I could work on. I was thankful for your blog, Mary with Country Threads and Missouri Star Quilt Company. Thanks for all you do.

  8. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Love how Rosie loves the littles!! The picture of her sleeping with Gannon is just precious!! I had a beagle growing up and she was a wonderful addition to our family. I can’t imagine not having a dog and all my kids have dogs as well – great companions even when they are naughty!! Glad Rosie gets you out of the house for walks!

  9. I am so glad that Rosie is with you and has turned into such a sweet dog.
    I miss having one – ours passed a couple of months ago and I’m so ready for another one is our lives.
    She is so wonderful with the kids and you – you’ve done a great job of training her…and she you! ;-)
    Love and prayers

  10. I enjoy your posts about Rosie. She is so sweet and cute. I had a beagle when I was young. Now I have cats. I can’t take a dog out and walk anymore. My neighbor has beagles and they greet me if they are out and I go to get the mail. Beagles are so lovie.

  11. Yes, Rosie had a tough start. I’m glad she’s much improved and the kids and she get along well. Beagles don’t seem to be the easiest to house train anyway, and to top it off with medical issue really made it tough. Ours finally settled down after 2 events – getting spayed and reaching between 1-2 years old. She also made me realize the wisdom of the saying “a tired dog is a good dog”. She never did outgrow her selective deafness when she was out on bunny and squirrel trails though.

  12. I admire your patience and persistence with turning Rosie into the good companion dog she’s becoming. The benefits are paying off for your hard work. Love the pictures of her!

  13. Precious photos! I don’t ever want to be without a dog or two in my life! We currently have two adorable Boykin Spaniels whom we love dearly. They are with me constantly and often “help” me work in my sewing room!

  14. Rosie and the grandchildren are precious pictures and I do believe that it does kids good to have pets in their lives. Rosie is growing into being a part of the family.

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