A Road Less Traveled

Wednesday I took Kramer for radiation.  Before his regular appointment his docs sent him for a head MRI.  Kramer’s been having lots of headaches that don’t always respond to meds….so, that’s reason to wonder if he has a brain tumor so, time for an MRI.

His appointment was at 1:45pm.  We got there in the right amount of time and he was called back at about 1:40.  The gal at registration told us it would take about 45 minutes so I settled in to cross stitch.

I ended up having another hospital visitor stop and talk to me about cross stitching.  It was a very nice interchange and in the end I found out she knows the gals at Forest Mills Quilt Shop and had heard of me in a roundabout way.  Ha!!  Small world.  I immediately knew I’d love her after only talking to her for a few minutes.  People who create with their hands are often kindred spirits.

After she left I looked at the clock.  Hm..  I had about 10 more minutes to stitch.  Then I looked at the clock and hmmm.  55 minutes had passed….and then 65 minutes passed..then 75.  What?  I was starting to worry.  It was only supposed to take 45 minutes.  I started to think they did find a tumor and had to do more testing or they called people in to look at it.  UGH.  95 minutes after he went in, Kramer finally came out.

It turns out that mid scan Kramer fell asleep.  He started twitching and a portion of the scan had to be repeated.  I was shocked he could fall to sleep but I do know he had a LONG miserable night the night before…so being he’s so exhausted, I guess I can believe it from him.  AH..I sure was worried though.

After radiation we were off…this time we took a road less traveled.  We went down the Wisconsin side of the Mississippi River from Lacrosse and crossed the bridge at Lansing Iowa.  It was what we needed…new scenery-something new to talk about about.  The roads through southern Minnesota are getting old.  We’re 23 trips in and it’s all getting old-including the scenery.

Part of my reasoning for going this way was because I wanted to stop at Horsfalls in Lansing.  I’ve not been to the store but just from the outside, I could imagine the inside.

I was right…see??
There are about 4-5 stores all in row, owned by the same person…and they all look like this!

I heard they had DMC embroidery floss and there were a few numbers I needed.  Supposedly they carry a full line…but the problem, how do I find it??

I went in the wrong store, sent to another, waded through and finally found this display.

It was 49 cents each and they were FULLY stocked.

After I got the tread I peaked around….

WOW…$1.79 each.  That’s a good price.

Oh my…all of this was stamp embroidery!!  WOW.

…and yarn!!

$4 of thread later, we were back on the road headed towards home.

On the way home we got a call from Kalissa….she had news.  The FAMOUS Kramer cake holder met its’ end.

Shucks.  It has severed our family well over the last 10ish years.  It was a sad day for all Kramers.  We have been making cakes for this like no other family makes cakes.  At one point when Karl was in high school his friend said, “Is that a real cake?”  I couldn’t understand why his friend said that and then the friend said, “well there’s always a cake in there”.  That’s the truth.  95% of the cake stands’ life with us, there was a famous Kramer cake in it.  Here’s the recipe.  I’d like to thank the stand for it’s fine service to our family.

Happily Kalissa has one at her house that she is passing on to me.  She never uses it as she eats all her cake at my house anyway!!

My evening ended with this….a walk.
…and happily just before bedtime we got good news.

“No MR evidence for intracranial metastasis.”  Kramer’s results came in.  NO TUMOR!!  We couldn’t be happier.  We needed good news and thankfully we’ve gotten some this week!!

I’m off to bed…it will be an early morning.

21 thoughts on “A Road Less Traveled”

  1. That is great news for Kramer. So sorry the cake stand had it’s last cake. The different drive home was just what you needed. Beautiful landscapes. God’s beauty is all around. Sometimes we just need to open our eyes.

    Take care. Love, hugs and prayers coming your way.

  2. Good news about Kramer. The pic of Carver he sure looks like he is growing up holding the leash and looks like he got a big boy haircut. Hope you slept well.

  3. OOO I cannot wait to try this cake sounds YUMMY. Thank you so much. So happy to hear of the scan results. That picture of your son looks just like Carver…must be the grin on his face.

  4. Wonderful, welcome news! The new route home was a good idea. I always kind of wonder how town names end up in so many different states. We, of course, have a Lansing here in Michigan as well. That store you stopped at is something else. What a lot of stuff!

  5. Judith Fairchild

    I like taking the less traveled road it’s always fun to see new scenery unless you’re in a race for time to be somewhere. I also enjoyed your trip to the store. There I have to say Wow! How you got out of there spending only $4.00 is beyond me. Great news about Kramer. It looked like the walk was another part of a great day. Thanks for sharing

  6. Carter is adorable walking the dog!!

    Thanks God for good news, I will continue praying for more good news for your family.

  7. It’s about time there’s some good news come your way. Does that news call for… cake? May there be more good news in the near future.

  8. Horsfall’s motto is – “We’ve got the one thing you need and the million that you don’t” – and they mean it. You could spend days there looking at everything. Hope you get a chance to go back and spend some more time there. There is a good ice cream shop on the right, just after you cross the bridge into Lansing. It may not be opened yet – but should be in a few weeks.

  9. I have been to Lansing too, you could get lost in that set of stores! And the ice cream shop might be a great treat for Roger. Sounds like your day ended perfectly…….new drive / scenery, new floss, a walk with Kalissa and the boys, and GREAT news from the doctor. I hope the ball keeps rolling in that direction for you all.

  10. Sorry about your cake plate and happy to hear the good results from Kramer’s MRI. I’m going to have to try that cake recipe…sounds yummy. The store pictures remind me of a store that used to be in Royal, NE…only better kept. They had an unbelievable amount of stuff in that little store…second hand, antiques, craft supplies, even a few groceries like bread, milk, hamburger. Stuff piled up so high in the aisles you had to rearrange stuff to find what you wanted.

  11. So happy to hear positive results from Kramer’s MRI ! Wonderful news. Let’s hope they can address the headaches. Too bad about the cake plate but glad you have a replacement. Those small things can be important.

  12. Great news about Kramer! I have a cake stand just like that. Except I put it in the dishwasher and the pedestal came unglued. I still use the plate and cover though. It was my mother-in-laws. I’m glad to get your cake recipe. Have a good weekend and rest up. Continuing prayers for our family.

  13. Love Karl’s entry into blogging world – great sense of humor – and as for his culinary skills – well, he sounds like my son! :-D
    What a wonderful ride home – going another way you’re not used too and finding treasures along the way.
    Thanking God that Kramer’s MRI came out negative – and that is sure positive news! :-)
    Thank you for the cake recipe – we’re not really cake eaters but we’re having a get together soon so I want to try it!

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