A Return to the Vet

After how active Ruby has been, I didn’t expect we would be back at the vet, but this morning we went.  Along the incision from her earlier surgery it was looking a little nasty and we could see that some of the stitches were still there and didn’t dissolve.


The vet said that the undissolved stitches were causing a bit of an infection, nothing serious, but something that needed to be taken care of.  Ruby was sedated and given a shot for pain.  The vet made three very shallow cuts along the incision so she could ‘grab” the stitches and then pulled them out.  The stitches were removed, the incisions stapled and Ruby was sent home with an antibiotic.  While she was sleeping she got her nails trimmed too.  They weren’t bad but as the vet said, “Why waste a good sedation.”

She is still out of it and sleeping but every so often I see her tail wag.  Either she’s having some good dreams or she starting to wake up.  Thankfully this should only be a minor set back and she’ll be up and at ’em before long.

I absolutely love  our vet and the gals at the office who help out.  Everyone is so nice and understanding…but, I really wish Ruby and I didn’t have to go see them quite as often.

8 thoughts on “A Return to the Vet”

  1. I love the comment ” why waste a good sedation” . Sounds like a great vet with a great sense of humour

  2. Anna Singleton

    So glad it was minor. I always worry alot when I have to take Maggie to the vet for something un-expected. She is almost 13 and and the average life span of a Cocker is 12 to 15. Not looking forward to that day!!!! Give Ruby big hugs for me!!!

  3. Glad to hear everything was ok – my first response was uh-oh – but I know how relieved you are with the outcome. I also love your vet’s sense of humor – my vet would have tried to clean Ruby’s teeth along with trimming the nails. ;-)

  4. I’m glad Ruby is on the mend. My cairn terrier has had some past health issues and it is a big worry. I just want him to feel good and not have to spend all his time at the vet, even though we both love her! Hugs to Ruby xoxo

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