A Reply Button: Thank you Ruth W

Oh my goodness, people, the blog got an upgrade!

I all started after Ruth W wrote:
I so enjoy reading all the comments to your blog posts, Jo!! It would be nice if each comment had a little ‘reply’ button so someone could reply directly to that comment, the way Chickenscratchcountrythreads’ comments are set up. Perhaps Kayla could do the same for your blog, Jo.”

What?!?!  A reply button, Really??!?!?!

I went to check that out.

I’ll be honest.  I read about 2 blogs.  That’s it.  I rarely, if ever, reply to anything.  I’m so busy I don’t have time.  Plus, one of the blogs I do read is Mary at Chicken Scratch Country Threads.  Mary is my friend.  If I want to reply, I just email her and we chat that way.  We both do that so, that means I don’t look at other blogs comment sections and didn’t know I was missing something.

After checking it out.  YES.  I wanted that and can see how you all might love that as you can talk back and forth to each other.

So I called Kayla.

She checked it out and YES, she could do that…and I said please do and SHE DID.

See that button under the comment that says reply.  You can click that and you can reply to the comment a previous blog reader left.  That’s so awesome.

Here you can see Becky asked a question…you can see DebMac answered her.  Isn’t this great?

I am so excited about this.  People can leave their contact info from someone else.  They can leave their opinion on a comment.  They can connect.  Remember by word for 2021  CONNECTION!!  We can have more of it now.  I’m super excited.

I know some of the questions that I typically answered in “Ask Jo” posts might be answered in the comment by other blog readers but I still do plan on having “Ask Jo” posts to highlight some of the things in the comments because I know many of you are like me and don’t get to the comment section.

YAHOO…Connect away, readers!!  This is awesome.  A huge shout out to Ruth who asked and Kayla for making it happen!!

26 thoughts on “A Reply Button: Thank you Ruth W”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    Thank you, Kayla and Ruby. I have often wanted to say something directly to a commenter. By the time I got down to where I could comment I would have forgotten who or what I had wanted to say. I have a little trouble with short term memory loss. I really appreciate this.

    1. Susan the Farm Quilter

      Me too!! But then I would often think, will that person actually come back to the blog to see if anyone answered their question? Especially if they don’t get notification that someone was sending them a message in reply! Using Jo as go-between for shunting messages would just never work as she doesn’t have the time! Occasionally I would try to find an email for the commenter but that doesn’t always work either. Thank you, Ruth, for suggesting what so many of us have been wanting and the Kayla for making it happen!

  2. How wonderful! Thank you so much for adding this option. On so many blogs I want to ask about a pattern or something else but there is never a way to do so, so often the question goes unanswered. Woo hoo! If we do have a question for you, what is the best way to contact you? Thank you again!

  3. Im Becky and how do I know someone answered me unless I go back to read your blog? I do usually start cross stitching in upper left, but again starting on linen, etc., measure the cloth? To start, I guess I’m not getting it…thanks for the reply button.

    1. please don’t over think this. Or ask Jo to over think is. I suggest find an open store and walk in to ask questions. Sometimes the Blog is not the place to get all of the answers.

      1. But, some people don’t have a store nearby. My store is only open 4 days a week. If I have a question on Sunday, I wouldn’t be able to get an answer until Wednesday. Using this feature could be so much faster! And, like Facebook, a person with a question could get several opinions. That’s helpful too!

    2. Now when you post your original comment you can check the box to indicate that you want the system to notify you of follow-up comments by email. Not sure if things work the same via facebook as i read directly on the blog site.

    3. After you type your comment, you are given the option to be notified if there are any follow up comments. You can check that option. I think it will send you all comments after yours, though. Another option would be (if you asked a question) to check the blog later and see if anyone answered.

    4. Hi Becky, starting on linen is no different that starting on aida. If you measure on aida, measure on linen. If you count squares, on linen you count 2 threads to equal 1 square. Say you count over 40 squares to the left on aida from center then you count over 80 threads on linen no matter the count of linen you work on. (Unless you are working “over 1” and that is another story that we won’t go into today.) The only thing to watch for is to start your stitch (coming up from underneath the thread) next to a lengthwise thread laying over a crosswise thread. This will support the stitch better. So you may actually start on thread 79 or 81 in the above example but 1 thread closer or farther away from center will not matter that much. Same thing if you measure, you may have to go a thread to the right or left to get your stitch supported. There are tutorials for working on linen that will show better than I can explain.

    1. It is secured. They fixed that a while back when they did the last upgrade. You should see a lock next to “jo’s country junction” at the top of the website.

    2. Susan the Farm Quilter

      And there is “https://” to show it is secured! I’ve stopped getting messages from my computer stating I was entering an unsecured site, so I looked up and sure enough, the lock and “s” were there!

  4. Hey Jo, do you still use the email that’s posted with your profile? I sent an email 3 or 4 days ago about a couple of donation tops but haven’t heard back. Just checking..know you are busy! Thanks

  5. This upgrade is awesome! I had the same question about knowing where to start the cross-stitch design. I loved the connection. I just started a new quilt last night for the new year and went rogue and started with a middle square.

  6. Hurray for you, Jo!! The reply button is so much easier for you, too! You can reply immediately to a comment and not have to scroll to the comment box to answer a question. I’m amazed that you and Kayla were able to upgrade the blog so quickly! I only asked that question yesterday. I’ve been thinking about it for awhile, and finally decided to just mention it to you when I saw that you were replying to comments with a comment in the comment section.
    I think it helped too that I also changed my comment name and so you had to authorize my comment. I hadn’t realized that there are more quilters named “Ruth” until Monday when someone replied to my comment on her blog, thinking I was a prolific quilter who did BOMs and block exchanges, which I have never done. So it made me put a little more of an identifying label on my name, so I won’t confuse anyone else.
    Your blog is great, Jo. Thank you, and your family, for being willing to share your lives with us!

    1. Susan the Farm Quilter

      Thank you for the awesome suggestion!!! You are now the third commenter I have been able to reply to!!! I love this new addition and it really does add a level of connection that we all need!! About your “name”, I have a common name so I also put a more descriptive addition like you did – it really does help!!

      1. Beverly from SW Ohio

        Thank you Susan for the tip about the descriptive addition to your name, I hadn’t thought to do that but I will now

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