A Recap…

Something happened unknown to Kayla and I and the blog went down earlier this week.  It was down and you all likely missed three blog posts.  I had the blog posts scheduled but they weren’t able to be seen as the site was down.  Once it came up this morning, all of those blog posts published.  That means if you only read the current posts, you will have missed a few posts.  Here is a listing of what you missed.  Feel free to click on the links provided so you can read those stories.

A Good Workplace:    Find that Post HERE.
Kramer’s boss and his family has been so good to me since Kramer’s death.  This post tells you a little about all they have done.

Moda Bake Shop- Garden Girl Quilt:   Find that post HERE.
I’ve been adding past quilts we’ve made and were featured on Moda Bake Shop to the blog.  Those quilts will now all be put on here on the blog and they will always be listed in the free patterns on the right hand column here on the blog.  You can find all the details about this quilt, Garden Girl, in the post.

In My Sewing Room:  Find that post HERE.  I gave you a little preview of the upcoming quilts I have left to machine quilt.

While it was down, Kayla was scrambling.  Kayla is a great resource but as she always tells me, “Mom, I really don’t know what I’m doing.  I just make educated guesses.”  This problem was a little bigger than Kayla and she had to put in a “ticket” (Which is a request for help from the host)  Their guarantee is that the they will get back to us in 24 hours.  They did but even then the recommendations went over our heads.  We ended up later having to go on a chat with the specialist and finally they had to fix things on their end and get my server working again.

So…The blog is up now and running.  For me it’s loaded faster and it’s been so much easier to use.  Here’s to hoping that the blog continues to stay up and we can avoid some of the glitches we’ve had on our end.

I had many notes and comments from readers telling me the site was down and how much they missed me.   I so appreciate the notes.  I want to reassure you that I will NEVER leave the blog and quit writing unless I no longer physically can.  Blogging is something I will not retire from.  I love blogging and really look at it as partially a family journal.  It’s not a job for me…the blog is a way of life.  It will soon be my 11 year anniversary of blogging.

I have directed all three of the girls, should happen to me, that they would need to break into the blog and write a post to let you know what happened to me.  You will never be left in the lurch wondering if I am okay or safe.  Except for a few glitches here and there, like the one we had earlier this week, I’m here to stay as long as I’m able.

6 thoughts on “A Recap…”

  1. I was just looking for your email when the blog came back up. I wondered what was going on. Plus, I had seen one of the posts before your site went down and then suddenly, it was gone! All I could see was your Mother’s Day post. I knew that couldn’t be!! Four days with no posts? Impossible!!! SEW glad it’s back up and running, Jo.

  2. Judith Fairchild

    Glitches happen. I was able to read those three posts yesterday when Kayla got it up. Turned out it was a bigger problem. So glad you got some good help that knew what all to check. Thanks for that promise you set up. So we aren’t left wondering and concerned at what’s happening. Cheers for a great blogger.

  3. Glad you are back Jo! I missed your posts but am caught up on reading them now! I am “computer stupid” but luckily my hubby is a wiz. Computer problems make me cry!!!

  4. I kept getting a notice that it was “unavailable” every time I checked-which was alot! When it did come back up, I went and read them all. Thank you for thinking of us and thanks to Kayla for taking care of not only you, but us as well! Hugs

  5. I missed you but I remember you saying the same thing once before. I decided to wait you out. Have a good day.

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