A Real Day Off

You’ll be so proud of me.  I took a real day off.  I woke up on Labor Day wearing my pj’s and at 9:30 that night I still had them on.

Kelli came over and we started our Wild Child quilts.  I was up extra early and was sewing before she came so I got all 100 center string blocks sewn.  She got about 75 sewn.  I am so excited about that.  It’s been a long time since I actually sewed all day.  It’s been a LONG time since Kelli and I sewed the day away with no deadlines.  It is likely at least a year ago or more.  I know it hasn’t happened since we moved.

Once the blocks were this far, I stopped working on them.  I’ll trim them up one day this week during nap time if I have everything else done.  I moved onto my Garden Party quilt..and after supper I even working on my Pineapple Crazy quilt.  WOW I have lots of projects in the make!

When Hubby came home late in the afternoon he said, “I see you didn’t get very far”.  That assessment I think was wrong.  I didn’t get far in work but I got really far in relaxing.

I sat at the machine most of the day so I didn’t wear my ankle brace.  It was good all around.

Now I have a cute little stack of goodies waiting to be trimmed and put together into blocks.  Most of the fabric came from either gifted scraps or from little slivers left over from quilt backs.  It was good to see so much fabric come together.  As we sewed one of us would find a fabric and say hey..have you used this fabric yet?  It’s the backing fabric on our Almost Amish quilt from our book…then the other would say hey…Do you have this cute cow fabric?

I just love that about string quilts..anything goes.

Next up I am going to start rummaging through this bag that Jolyn gave me.  I think there are lots of good pieces that will become the half square triangles for the Wild Child blocks.

As I go through the bag looking for fabrics I’ll be cutting the scraps and pieces into usable sizes for me.  It’s one of my favorite “tasks” of quilting.  It requires lots of fabric petting.

I am sure I’ll get lots of people wondering what the “Wild Child” quilt is so here’s the info on it…

It looks like this….


You can find it in Bonnie Hunter’s book, String Fling.

If you want to sew along with us…feel free.  We are making ours bigger (of course).  We like big quilts.

Yesterday was so fun….today I am back to work and that’s fun too…just a different kind of fun.  I do think that another all day, pajama wearing, relaxing sewing day will happen again.  Soon I hope!

5 thoughts on “A Real Day Off”

  1. You have motivated me. I have the book and a stack of string blocks. I have been thinking about doing this quilt. I need to do some math since my blocks are a different size. Yippee for you having a day off to stay in your PJs and sew with Kelli. Very happy for you and your family that the Wedding weekend was a great success.

  2. So glad you and Kelli were able to have a sewing retreat day! That is always hard to do when your at your own home as there are always things that seem to “need” to get done. I love your fabric for Wild Child. Looking forward to see what color you pick for your HST blocks. Wish I didn’t have so many quilts waiting to be finished, I’d join the two of you. LOVE your Garden Party quilt top so far. I’m chomping at the bit to start one of my own.

  3. Glad to hear that you and Kelli had a sew day! So fun!! A great way to finish up a very busy and exciting weekend. Congrats to your family,adding a new son in law to the family. I know that he has felt like family for a long time! Labor Day weekend is our family get together in SE Iowa. Drove through West Union and had lots of great memories to share with the part of the family that was in the car with. ( a captured audience! ha ) Looking forward to sitting at my machine with things that I want to work on too.

  4. I have a Wild Child quilt made in two halves. I thought I would quilt it myself and then join it together. I don’t have a border fabric for it yet. I had actually forgotten it until you brought it back to my mind. So now I’ll look for border fabric and backing. I may go ahead and put the two halves together and let my friend with a longarm quilt it for me. I love the quilt.
    Debbie in WV

  5. I can’t wait to see the quilt done—-I love the pattern….I ordered the book from Bonnie yesterday….I want a Wild Child too……I sounds like it was the perfect day for the two of you…..

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