A Quilt Finish: Emery’s Stars

Lookie-lookie…I have a finished quilt!  It’s just a baby quilt  but it is 51″ x 51″.

Making this went really fast…it was finding the idea that took me a bit.


One of my childcare families had a baby at the end of January.  They had a cute little baby girl that is already sneaking her way into my heart.  She has only been here a couple times but she’s already special to me.  About a week ago I remembered that I still didn’t have a quilt for her yet.

I went into a bit of a panic.  I wanted something done, finished and out of the house before the new little one starts childcare.  That meant I had to get going…I needed a pattern.  I just don’t have it in me design something now so I just needed a pattern.  I went through my scraps to see if I had anything I could work up quick.  There were lots of baggies with half square triangles but not much else…Hmmm…


Then I remember that Bonnie Hunter has several free baby quilt patterns so I went over to check that out.

I was scrolling through the list and saw a quilt that was called Emery’s Stars.  Ha..I had to check that out.  The new little babies sister is Emery.

I read through the pattern and Bonnie said that she used her bonus triangle from her Lazy Sunday quilt to make this quilt.  WAIT>>>  I think I had left over bonus triangles in that box I had sorted through that were left over when I made Lazy Sunday.  STOP RIGHT THERE!   I ran upstairs and sorted through the box.  YEP.  I found my purple bonus triangles and went to work.


I had to make the pink triangles but it was only 100 of them so that was quick.    I had no other fabrics picked I was just making decisions as I went along.  I don’t really know how the sashing got selected as it’s actually blue.  It looks good though.   I had LOTS of trouble with the border.  I looked and looked and didn’t find anything.  Then I saw the fabric that Mary Jo had given me and there was a pink in the pile.  I pulled it out and immediately loved it.  I added it but then I was in trouble.  I could not figure out the binding.

I sent a picture to Kelli and then called her to help me out.  She and I both agreed I needed more of that pink that was the border.  I measured what was left.  UGH.  10 1/2 inches.  UGH.  That’s not enough to bind a 51″ square quilt.  Then I remembered that I already had cut a piece of left over into a strip for my scrap users system.  UGH.  It was only 2″ wide.  I decided I was just going to go for it and bound the quilt with 2″ strips.  It was a little tricky as I still machine bound it….but it worked.

Thanks so much for the fabric Mary Jo.

Here’s the backing…I had one star extra so I gave it a home on the back of the quilt.   I love the back.   The stripe is another piece of gifted fabric.

I am so happy with the quilt.  Start to finish was just only morning and night sewing for four days plus a Saturday of sewing.  That’s pretty quick…a more importantly…CUTE!

This little quilt will be great for tummy time now and as an actual quilt for warmth as she gets older.

This was so fun to sew.  If you’re looking for the free pattern check out this link.

Today we’re sharing our finished quilt at  Confessions of a Fabric AddictCrazy Mom Quilts, and Link a Finish Friday.

12 thoughts on “A Quilt Finish: Emery’s Stars”

  1. The stars were all aligned — the pattern, the HST parts, enough for binding, gifted fabrics here and there — and what a lovely quilt as a result. It’s going to be loved.
    BTW, you need an extra “L” in the 2nd word in your post title. I think you mean “Quilt” — not “Quit”

  2. Also one that is on my list to create someday. . .OF COURSE, Lazy Sunday is still in UFO status, so maybe if I got that one done. . . or at least got the bonus triangle part done. :)
    Yours is absolutely beautiful!

  3. Love this little quilt! Isn’t it fun to just make it up as we go? I think some of my favorite quilts were made on the fly, just seeing what worked (or not!) as it progressed….Great job! I have a hard time sticking to a pattern, so this method works well for me…
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I’ve had my eye on this pattern since Bonnie first showed it. I think you might have nudged it up the list a few spots. Very cute and every baby needs a personal quilt or three. As one who went to child care way back when, this is the sort of memory maker that will be loved forever. What a great gift.

  5. Love your quiit. I remember Bonnie making hers. I always use 2.5″ strips for bindings but Bonnie always uses 2″ ones. So glad the narrower size worked for you. Isn’t it amazing what lovely quilts can be made from scraps? You made your quilt so quickly – it would have taken me so much longer – especially as I don’t have any ‘Bonus Triangles’!

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