A Quilting Bucket List….

Do you have a quilt you’ve always wanted to make?  Maybe it’s more challenging…may be it requires a new technique.  I have a Quilting Bucket list and I am afraid if I don’t start one of those quilts it just is never going to get done.   Here’s what I am doing…want to play along?  I certainly don’t have anytime to start a new project…my sewing room is loaded with projects that need to get done and things I just plain wish were finished…but for one day, each month, I am ignoring all of it.  I am going to work on something from my bucket list for one allotted sewing time be that 10 minutes or two hours.  I started last month.

Here’s what I am going to work on…

The quilt is from Quilters Newsletter Magazine the Feb/March 2010 issue.  The quilt is Hawaiian Sunset 1845.  I have loved this quilt for ages.  I have wanted to make it and always put other things in front of it.  Well that is changing…at least a little bit.  I am going to do one thing each month to make this quilt happen.  Maybe I’ll only get one step cut out.  Maybe I’ll only sew 10 flying geese units.  I just want to start something.  So last month I collected all the fabric…maybe not all but enough to get me started.

…that makes me one step closer to finishing this quilt.  For this month…maybe I’ll sew a few nine patches….whatever it is, I am one step closer that I was a day ago.  I am hoping all those steps will eventually lead to a finished quilt.  Leave a comment here if you want to play along.  Maybe we can to a linky party or something.  Give me some ideas…any quilt can be started with just one step.  Tackling big projects one step at a time is What Works for Me.

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  1. Hmmm….I also have a quilt bucket list! I have one quilt started that I would love to eventually finish. It is called Everlasting Wreaths, by Laundy Basket Quilts. It is a hexagon log cabin sort of thing. I would love to join you in this. Even if I just get a little bit of it done, it will eventually be finished.

  2. I have made this quilt – well actually I nearly have- just one pieced border left. It is beautiful. I haven’t updated my blog much this year due to various reasons but I promise to let you know when I post the finished quilt top. You’ll have so much fun with this I guarantee xxx

  3. Wow Jo – I also have been wanting to make that quilt for ages! It’s in my “Want to Do” book along with quite a few others. I’m also overwhelmed with existing projects, but if all I have to commit to is doing something small each month I can do that. It would be nice to get this one started.

  4. Daisy Christopherson

    Is it possible to find that pattern online at Quilter’s Newsletter if you don’t have the magazine? It is a real beauty. I guess I need to start a bucket list too. Daisy

  5. Barbara Honey

    Sounds like a great idea!! I’ve also wanted to do that quilt so maybe that’s the one. One quilt going to longarmer on Monday and another one almost finished so I’m ready for something different.

  6. OH yeah, let’s see I have the ocean that I want to quilt, I have it mostly cut out too… 15-no maybe 20 yrs ago! Still haven’t managed to make rm for that on the sewing table. But maybe a weekly commitment to working on it might help.

  7. It’s funny that you posted that today..I finally tis week picked out fabric, washed, ironed it and am ready to cut to it,,,when I get back from Myrtle Beach end of next week…along with all,of the other projects I am working on! We must think alike..

  8. Oh my gosh..I have that issue because that quilt IS on my bucket list. LOL, great idea to do it one step at a time…that is how I get though all those pieces of Bonnie Hunter quilts! I will look for my issue!

  9. I don’t have a bucket list, but I have a UFO list like crazy. It is my year (or five) of finishing, so what I will do is pick a UFO and work on it for that one day a month. I am hoping to get my blog updated with photos this summer. Then I will have to figure out how to do the link thing. . .

  10. This quilt is on my bucket list, too. I even made a copy of the pattern in case I lost the magazine. LOL Still have both, but haven’t started the quilt, yet. I think you have inspired me to drag out some fabrics and like you do something every month on it.

  11. I LOVE this quilt as well! It definately should be on my bucket list and if I can still find a copy of this issue, it will be! YUMMY! Maybe you could host a long-term (year long or so) challenge quilt-a-long with this one. Sounds like you might have enough interest!?! FUN!

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  13. I want to join in on the fun, too. Baby steps, right? Could this one be broken down into units like the way Bonnie Hunter does her mystery quilts?

  14. Glad I’m not the only one with a quilt bucket list. The first quilt I started back in the 70s is one that I will probably finish last. – A completely hand sewn grandmother’s flower garden. I started working on other quilts just so it would not be the only quilt I ever made. But I am sure it will be the hardest.

  15. I have a bucket list! So far,all I’ve done is add to the list…wouldn’t it be nice to actually work toward one goal? One day a month is doable….OK, I’m in!

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