A Quilter Without a Machine

As fun as San Diego is…I miss my sewing machine…So what’s a girl to do?
English Paper Piecing….
I spent a lot of time getting pieces cut and ready my last day at home…I am so glad that I did.  Check out my progress.  It’s amazing what can be accomplished when you’re sitting around waiting for class to start, sitting on the airplane, sitting on the bus or enjoying an ocean breeze.  I am a LONG way from having this finished….I call it my 10 year project but this is what I hope it will look like one day (from A Simple Girl).

I have already found a pattern that I want to make after I get this one finsihed…check it out.  It,s from Bonnie at Quiltville.  I wish I that I had discovered paper piecing when the kids were younger and I was sitting in the car waiting for them or at ball games….imagine what I would have accomplished!

2 thoughts on “A Quilter Without a Machine”

  1. I love English Paper Piecing too. And it is also a perfect project for when you are traveling. Speaking of which, I do hope you have fun in San Diego. Many great quilt shops & quilt museums. I also hope you have time to go to Road to California quilt show while you are in So. Cal.


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