A Quilt from Stacie

I really enjoy mail from blog readers.  I’ve said this before and I’ll continue to say this.  Blogging is very one sided.  You all learn everything about me and my family from shopping trips, to medical struggles, to quilting troubles, to personal problems, to day to day life.  I, in turn, know nothing about the majority of you.  Often I don’t know your real name even.  I’ve learned Spoofs is my friend Debbie but that took a bit for me to put that together.  I’ve gone on to actually meet Debbie in person as I have a few other blog readers but mostly…I know very few of you.  Emails from you are so fun.  I am sharing one that came today.  It’s from Stacie in Des Moines.

She writes:
Hi Jo!! I am one of your blog readers from Des Moines. I also have a lot of children of my own and I do daycare. I’m also a quilter. We have a few things in common. Haha! Anyway, thank you so much for your blog. I read it everyday. Sometimes you put into words things that I have a hard time verbalizing. For instance, you recently wrote a blog about scrappy piecing and quilting design. You explained how you prefer to let the scrappy quilt design do the talking versus an intricate quilting pattern. I fully agree but could never verbalize it correctly! Thank you! You also inspired the design for my first grand-babies quilt. I am attaching a photo“.

Thank you Jo. Thank you for being real and raw. I can always depend on your words, wether for good advice, life experience or a good recipe.

Sincerely, from one Iowa girl to another“.

Oh my word…It’s a crumb quilt and it’s amazing.  I love the colors…don’t you?  How fun and eclectic.  The color combo is fun, yellows, teals and a little brown.  I love the personal touches that make it perfect for a Grandma to gift on to a new little one.  I am SO impressed.  I’m happy that Stacie found my crumb quilt inspiring.  I’m also so happy she shared it here.

I know I’ve said I’ll do a tutorial for the letters…I really will.  I’m guessing April-ish.  I have a grandbaby due then and that little one needs a quilt!!

Thanks again Stacie..Sincerely, from one Iowa girl to another!!

12 thoughts on “A Quilt from Stacie”

  1. I love reading your blogs and getting updates on your family. Love the quilt as well. And learning all about the techniques you teach! Thank you.

  2. Thank you for sharing my quilt Jo! You are such an inspiration, in many ways. Thank you for the awesome and fun design idea! We don’t know the gender of baby yet so my daughter wanted something more neutral like teals, yellows and so on. Also, the nursery theme is dogs so you can see I added a couple of dogs to the quilt as well. It was so fun to make, I thoroughly enjoyed it! I love not being restricted by a pattern. Complete free style is my absolute favorite way to create a quilt. Have a blessed day!

  3. Love the quilt Stacie! Thank you and Jo for sharing it! Jo, I have been excited for you to start teaching us the alphabet patterns but can tell from your blog how very busy you are! Please know that whenever you get to it that is fine! Thank you for sharing your life with us. Much love and prayers from Wyoming!!

  4. Judith Fairchild

    From an old Iowan to you youngsters☺️your quilts and suggestions have gotten me back into truly enjoying quilting and being an Iowan. There is so much joy in your blogs Jo. Even when you’re in pain.
    Continued prayers for all of you.
    It’s like you have become family.

  5. Wow, I made it to Jo’s blog! Big day! It’s great being your friend, Jo. I agree with Stacie that those that read your blog take it to heart and often take action. Stacie’s quilt is beautiful and will be well loved. Thanks for sharing all that you do, Jo. You are the best!!!

  6. Mary Ann Mettler

    Nice job on the quilt Stacie – it is so cute. I enjoy your blog Jo – it is fun to read daily. I can relate to your childcare world and admire that both you and Stacie are busy with just that on your plates. The quilts are so special but so are the other things you do.

  7. Nikki DeRamus Moshier

    Oh goodness, that quilt is gorgeous. I am so inspired to try one, but after finishing Bonnie Hunter’s Frolic (which might never happen, lol.)

  8. I totally agree with Stacie when she says that you verbalize things that I think but cannot correctly put into words! Her quilt was wonderful and I am sure will be loved by the Little that receives it. I also agree with her in that you are the first thing I read when I sit down to a computer! I just feel the need daily to see what you are doing and what is on your agenda next. I love your style of quilting and have gotten lots of inspiration from you and your book reviews to get me over most any slump I may have gotten into. Thank you for EVERYTHING you say & do!!!!!!!! Janine from Syracuse, NY

  9. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Stacie did a fabulous job making an alphabet quilt!! I hope she’ll also share on here a picture of her new grandbaby with their quilt!!

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