A Quilt from Carla

I have a sneak peek for you…


I took another of mine and Kelli’s quilts down to Carla at Longarm Quilting Inspirations to quilt.  Carla lives about 3 miles south of me.  I didn’t want an overall design on it and the custom work made be nervous so I asked Kelli if she cared if we took it to Carla…Kelli of course said no she didn’t care as the alternate option just might have been that Kelli would have had to quilt it…and to date, Kelli doesn’t use the longarm machine.

Like many of you, I have quilt tops sitting in a pile waiting to be quilted.  We loved this one but just didn’t know the right design for it.  Happily Carla did.

I’m only showing you a sneak peak as this one might end up in a magazine.  We haven’t submitted it yet so who knows what is going to become of it.  All I really know is that it’s not on the “to do” pile right now….well it actually it is but it’s on a different “to do” pile.  It’s on the pile of quilts needing to get bound.  That’s okay though…I’m always only looking for one step closer to finished and now it is.

I am so glad that Kelli and I have been taking some of our quilt tops to Carla.  It’s such a huge weight off my shoulders to have her around when we have a quilt that needs an extra special touch or I’m way behind on time.  She is great at doing them in a quick hurry.  While I was there I was being snoopy and saw some quilts that she was working on for the local quilt shop.  Check this out…


The shop is gearing up for holiday sewing and need some tops done in a hurry so they can get them up and displayed.

She was showing off another quilt…


I love stopping by and picking up a quilt from Carla as I get to see all the other projects she is working on.

For those of you coming to the retreat and sewing with option B group.  I’ll make sure to introduce her and she’s local and would be a good resource to help you out if you have questions.  Carla is also going to be at the trunk show set up showing off some of her work and answering questions you might have regarding longarm quilting.  If you have quilt tops that you’d like quilted you can stop them off and talk with her about the designs and options to help your quilt come to life.  Carla is so easy to work with and full of great suggestions…

As for me…I’m off because I am still not packed!!  and I don’t have my fabric cut!!!!!!!   AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 thoughts on “A Quilt from Carla”

  1. I love the clever background in that bow tie quilt, and I love the way Carla quilted it. The last quilt looks like good old Disappearing 9-Patch.

  2. I will see you Friday Carla – I am in the option B group! And Jo, I don’t have my fabric cut out yet…..dang, I hope I won’t be in too much trouble….

  3. I love everything about this quilt! And the quilting by Carla, oh my, it’s beautiful. I have bookmarked her home page. Thanks for showing us!

  4. The quilting is lovely ! Her choice was perfect. Could you tell us about the quilt pattern you used? Are those 1/2 hexes in corners?

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