A Quilt for My Wedding

On Saturday, I told you about my first quilt.  After reading the post, my niece Jody, contacted me.  Jody is four years younger than me and we spent many growing up years together.  As a wedding present to me, Jody made me a quilt…it was the first one she made…and the first I had received.

Here Jody is with the quilt she made me way back in 1986.   I am sorry to say that I don’t have the quilt anymore.  We wore it out.  The edges were completely shredded.  I had patched them a couple times, then one of star fabrics started giving away too.  The kids used it for their playing house quilt…then I used it as a middle for a mission quilt that went on the Lutheran World Relief.  You can read more about it over on Jody’s blog, Fun with Five.

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  1. It’s the first ones that bring back memories, isn’t it? I made my first in 1987 for my daughter. It’s been through so much and repaired many times to the point where I would be embarrassed to show it to anyone. Her son now drags it around the house, plays with it, splays tent with it and the dog at the same time. :-) But it does my heart so good to see it being used and dragged. That’s what it’s there for. I want mine to be used and loved and remembered!

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