A Quilt for Landon

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September 27th has always been a special day because it’s Dad’s birthday, but this year it was extra special because we also welcomed a new little boy into our family!  Jason’s brother Brent and his wife Rachel welcomed their third child, Landon Rodney.  Big brother Joshua and big sister Addy sure were excited too!

When we got together for Christmas, I was finally able to give him the quilt that I made for him.  Needless to say, I didn’t realize how difficult it was to get a baby to cooperate for a few pictures!  I was lucky that Rachel is a professional photographer and had a few tricks up her sleeve!

Needless to say I think he thought I was crazy at first!

Then he decided to check out what his mamma was up to!

Then he got to squirming a little!

Once big sister Addy got in the picture, we ended up with two happy and smiling kiddos!

And that my friends is how you get a little boy to smile!  Add his big sister into the mix!

The pattern that I used was called Slide Show.  It is an older pattern that was put out by Atkinson Designs.  This is my second quilt that I’ve made using the pattern.  Overall, I really like it.  It super easy and fun to make.  It is also a good way to use a panel or a print with a repetitive pattern.

Mom has used this pattern to make a quilt to donate to the Fireman’s Breakfast before as well.  You can read about that HERE.

8 thoughts on “A Quilt for Landon”

  1. Its a wonderful quilt and I really like the John Deere green! I don’t see tractor fabric but I always find it in Osage when I visit family. He is a super cute boy and he looks really happy with his sister beside him. Happy memories will be made with his quilt.

  2. This is just the cutest, cutest quilt! I love how you’ve used the John Deere fabric tor the squares, and the greens and yellow to go with it are just fabulous. One of the cutest renditions using John Deer fabric I’ve seen. So bright and happy! The kids are just darling too!

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