A Quilt for Dorothy

I have a WONDERFUL sister in law who is celebrating a birthday today…..
I normally don’t do anything for birthday presents for my siblings or my hubby siblings.  To be honest, there are just SO many relatives on each side that it’s virtually impossible to keep all the days straight.  That’s what happens when you come from big families.

Dorothy, my hubby’s oldest sister, is the kind of person I would LOVE to be….she is one of the most selfless people I know.  She is always hosting get togethers at her home, serving on church committees, working as an intermediary in scuffles and taking care of everyone.  My hubby’s mom has been in the nursing home for a year now and Dorothy visits her daily.  Prior to this, Mom lived at Dorothy’s house for a couple years.  We live quite a distant and can’t get there as often as we like so it’s a real comfort to us to know that Dorothy is still taking care of her.  Mom herself said, “You couldn’t ask for a better daughter.”  That is a HIGH compliment.

I don’t know of anyone who puts others before herself more than my sister in law and our family really appreciates her.  So, I broke my no birthday present rule and made Dorothy this quilt.
Dorothy has an big collection of birds so I when I saw this quilt kit with birds on it, I immediately thought of her….When setting the blocks, I put the cardinal in the middle as her collection seems to feature more cardinals than any other bird. 

The top came as a kit named Holiday Chorus and designed by Bee Creative Studio.  The backing was 108″ wide  and part of my Alco fabric find.  (Read more about Alco fabric here) What a treat to not have to piece the backing!!

I apologize for the photos…it’s so hard to take good ones in doors and it’s minus 10 here right now, so inside photos it is.


So Dorothy….here’s to you.  Have the most happy birthday that you can have.  We love you and want you to know, you are truly appreciate by all of us here.

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