A Quilt for Baby Micah

Over the last couple days, I have been busy working on quilt for my newest great nephew, baby Micah.  He was born just over a week ago.  During the last year, I have decided to make all the new babies in my life baby quilts….It’s been a taxing year for me….I have four done and three left to go!


Micah’s quilt was more of a challenge to me.  His mom likes more of a modern decor when she decorates, so I was looking for more of a modern looking pattern….no luck!  So I created my own.  I found an all over printed vehicle fabric and fussy cut the vehiciles out.  Then I purchased matching solid print fabric and cut it in random widths.  Then I just started sewing.  My floor was covered in fabric strips and I had the WORST time keeping Gracie from rolling in it all.  I would sew a piece of fabric onto the vehicle fabric, lay it out on the floor and decide what to sew onto it next.  It was a slow process and I got LOTS of exercise going from the floor to the cutting table, to the sewing machine, back to the floor then to iron for each piece I sewed on.  But I love it!


My next task was quilting it.  I again wanted a more modern look so I quilted it in squares.  I have never done this before and it was great fun.  On this small quilt I used five and half bobbins of thread!


I am especially happy with how I wrote his name into the quilting!  I was really nervous with this whole project because I am not a modern decor girl and was completely out of my element…but I love it!  I hope Micah loves his quilt too.

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    1. I have another baby quilt to make for what will be Micah’s cousin. He is arriving by C-section on the 12th. I was thinking about doing the wonky log cabin blocks on Quilt Dad’s blog. My husband teases that I am always planning more quilts than I can make.

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