A Quilt Finish

I finally finished up a quilt….


This is the quilt from Crazy Mom’s Quilt a Long from summer 2010.   This is one of the quilts I made just to get some of my stash used up and it ended up turning out pretty good.

I make lots of quilts as gifts so when the local quilt shop was moving I bought a pack of fabric that had 37 sixteenth cuts.  It was only $13.  Then I found a 100 percent cotton white sheet at Goodwill still in the package for $2.  So the quilt top was $15.  Then I got the backing for $4 a yard on a clearance.   The batting was sewn together scraps….so the quilt was about $39 total cost….woo-who!!  Labor of course was PRICELESS….


The quilting is just some free hand hearts….and a name….well two names.  Nicole and Kyle.


If you look real close you can see the names in the sashing….I like to “write names” in the quilting for quilts I am giving as a gift.

This quilt is for the neighbor gal and her soon to be husband.  They are planning a New Year’s Eve wedding.  I am hoping the weather is good for them.  This December is setting record snow amounts around our area…

Stop back tomorrow…I’ll have a quick easy gift idea…just in case you’re snowed in and haven’t finished your shopping.

22 thoughts on “A Quilt Finish”

  1. How wonderful! Everything in the quilt was so inexpensive, yet you got such a beautiful end product!

    How did the sheet work? Did you notice a difference? I’ve always heard that you shouldn’t use sheets, but I’ve also noticed that there are a whole lotta vintage sheets being used in “blogland.”

  2. What a pretty quilt. It is so fun, every once in a while, to keep track of what goes in to a quilt. Now if you could only track the time you spent you’d know the true total.

  3. I REALLY like this quilt, would be tough to part with. Kuddos to you for “cost control” I LOVE when I get a good deal and it all comes together and the fact it came out sooo beautiful… EXCELLENT!!!

  4. 2011? Wait a minute, have I missed a year or two? Sometimes I do miss a day here and a day there. Your neighbor will just love this quilt. I used sheets for the first time just these past few weeks. Total cost for 2 scrappy quilts – $12. I was pretty pleased with myself.

  5. Don’t you just love when stuff you get for a great deal or just have laying around comes together with some great finds and then they wind up in a quilt that is the perfect gift.

    And isn’t that just what you’d wish for a newly married couple – that they take what they have and look for the bargain blessings in life and create something to cherish between them.

    ‘Tis so the season!!!

  6. This quilt is so fresh and crisp–definitely a colorful project that will be appreciated.
    I enjoy quilting names or phrases into some of my gift quilts. I don’t always tell the new owner about the words. They’re just my little secret and add another element of fun to my quilting.

  7. The quilt looks great even if you don’t know how much it costs to put together. Once you know the secret, it’s fabulous.
    I love your idea of quilting the names in the sashing.

  8. This is beautiful, and I love the colors! I saw this quilt along on CrazyMomQuilts when it was in progress, (and didn’t join in) and loved Amanda Jean’s pastel version. Your deep, bright colors really look great, and give the same design a whole new look. Gorgeous!

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