A Quilt Finish: Tropical Twist aka TV Twist

I met my deadline.  The quilt got finished.  This was a graduation present for my first ever childcare kiddo.  I have had kids who were older that I cared for graduate but Nathan was my first kid and he stayed with me the longest.  I’m a little sentimental about him.

Our school colors are red, white and black so I was looking for a pattern that would be friendly to that color scheme.

I had to be a little creative to change the original pattern from this-to my version.

Image result for tropical twist quiltville
I made the center not realizing that the border would need to be changed up a bit because of the now changed color scheme.  I ended up with only red and black pinwheels.  I thought to mix them but that didn’t seem right.  I ended up putting the black pinwheels and the black border pieces around the outside and putting the reds to the inside…See?
I loved the backing.  It was a thrifty find fabric that I got a couple years ago thinking I would eventually make a black and white quilt….well I did! (kind of)


The colors on this are much more vibrant in person.  It was a cloudy day when I snapped the pictures.  I was lucky to have a chance to even take pictures.  I finished it at noon and the graduation party started at 3pm.


You can see in the picture above that I opted to use the same red in the inner borders.  That same red is the binding too.  I opted to use the same black in the inner and outer border.  I think that helps tie scrappy quilts together.

I’m glad I got this one done….

It was a very fun quilt to make and went together very quickly.  The pattern can be found in Bonnie Hunter’s book Addicted to Scraps.  It also appeared in Quiltmaker in Jan/Feb ’09 issue.  I changed mine up by only using red for the Friendship Star and only black for the accent triangles.  The trimmings from the inside are used for the outer border so that’s why I have only red and black pinwheels.

..and no quilt is complete without a Ruby picture so here it is….


Nathan has three dogs at home…hopefully they won’t go crazy over the Ruby smell.

Now that the graduation quilt is done, I have three baby quilts that I know of and two wedding quilts that I know of to make before long.  UGH.  One baby quilt is already over due.  Sew Jo, sew!!

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22 thoughts on “A Quilt Finish: Tropical Twist aka TV Twist”

  1. I love your interpretation of this one Jo, you are always good for rockin’ Bonnie’s designs! Exchange the bIack for navy blue and I could see this one being a QOV. Definitely adding it to my idea list!

  2. Nathan is going to love that you made him a quilt, what a great gift in the school colors. I like your change to the pattern. Stitch Jo stitch, you have more quilts to make.

  3. LOVE your colors! You are so motivating to me but so far I’m not getting nearly as much done as you are. I keep realizing that I actually need to STAY HOME long enough to sew….now that it is staying light longer I guess I have the evening hours to do some sewing….thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Boy, I really like this quilt. Having just the 3 colors really changes the look – it is less busy, but still really scrappy. Love the spider web black fabric, and the toile fabric for the back of the quilt. I see a lot of toile designs in decorator fabrics, but not so much in quilting fabric. As always – happy to see Ruby. She is looking at you so intently – do you hold the treat in one hand, and the phone in the other?

  5. Jo I love your version of this quilt. I am sure Jason is very pleased with it. He will treasure this forever. Nice job as always.

  6. I love, love this quilt….what a find on the toile….I have looked everywhere for just a fat quarter of black toile…What a find you had……Gosh—this is really a beautiful quilt….

  7. Love your quilt! Using only reds for the stars make them more visible! Sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed with quilting. I love it, but I want to make something for everyone and I am not a fast quilter like you. Right now, I have two baby quilts going (what size do you make yours?), a set of scrap coasters for a birthday gift, and a table topper for another birthday gift. Plus, my cats keep coming in and bumping my hand to get me to pet them, or just sitting on what is under my needle!

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