A Quilt Finish: The “H” Quilt

Yahoo! I finally have a finished quilt. It has been so long since I’ve had a finished quilt. Seeing it is a sign that my foot is better and better each day allowing me to do more and more. I couldn’t be happier…speaking of HAPPY…how about a look at my finished “H” quilt?


Here it is laying out all flat and nice.


I am so happy it turned out so cute.  I initially didn’t know how it would be in shirts and then without all the extras that the original pattern had.  The pattern is based off of Bonnie Hunter’s “H is for Happy” pattern.  The pattern can be found here.   I made the “H” blocks and then set mine differently.  I ABSOLUTELY loved making this quilt.

When I showed the “in progress” picture a week or so ago several blog readers said that it looks like the quilt says “HI”…can you see it?


Here’s a close up…I did simple quilting on it.  I am assuming that it will get washed often so dense quilting works better.


I love the backing fabric.  It’s one I bought from Whittles.  I love the little cowboy theme of it and think it’s very appropriate for a baby boy quilt made from plaids and stripes.


This is happily getting boxed up and sent out.  I feel bad that I didn’t get it sent out sooner.  The little “Hanson” baby was born in early September.  Oh well…better late than never I guess and at least my bum foot was a good excuse for being late.

Have I ever said how happy scrap quilts make me?  Scraps and polka dots simply can’t be beat!!

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18 thoughts on “A Quilt Finish: The “H” Quilt”

  1. Beautiful as always – hope Ruby is not under the weather. Probably at the end of a long week she is too tired to pose on a quilt.

  2. Adorable quilt. Just in time for the cool weather. I’m sure the little Hanson baby will use it for many years to come.

  3. I love the design you used to quilt this, Jo! It looks to me like little lassos all over–perfect for the cowboy theme!

  4. This is very charming. I’m guessing your weather has been like ours and an additional baby quilt only recently became a concern. They’ll enjoy it all the more.

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