A Quilt Finish: That Block of the Month

Well I have another quilt finish for you.  I’m not going to write about it much now as I have another quilt EXACTLY like it that I also need to finish.  It’s currently in the stack of “to be quilted” quilts.

Instead I thought I’d photo bomb you with a series of photos Kalissa took while I was showing the family my finished quilt.

I started out holding it up and Gannon quickly jumped on the quilt.

Then we took his bottle away…

Then we sat him down and tried to get a good picture…
That didn’t work…

and then it all got crazy with wild antics because then Georgia joined in too…see?

Then I started playing peek a boo with them.
The kids were all laughs and giggles….

By that time, I decided to just give up on pictures.  I’ll show you both quilts when they are done and show them together.  I’ll give you the details all then too.  Hopefully it won’t be too long before they are both finished!!

Having Gannon and Georgia so close in age has really been a lot fun.  All the kids are like this whenever I try to get quilt pictures when they are here.  They just love the quilts.  That’s good as then I have someone to make them for!!

I’m hoping this brought a smile to you wherever you are.  Have a great week!!

20 thoughts on “A Quilt Finish: That Block of the Month”

  1. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Given a choice between good pictures of quilts or adorable children and animals on quilts, give me the adorable kids and critters on the quilts any day!!! Love those smiling faces!

  2. Those are wonderful happy pictures of your grandchildren and the quilt! Their joy of life shines through.

  3. Well the kiddos really love the quilt even though you didn’t enjoy making it! That makes it all worth it! Love the happy pictures!

  4. Judith Fairchild

    I started reading the post hot to the pictures and laughed through all of them. Grandbabies are delightful. Thant you for sharing the fun. The quilt is very lovely too. I can almost guarantee years of laughs from those two.

  5. Loved this photo shoot!! The kids were just adorable and I could hear the laughter in my head. Great memories made!

  6. What a joy to see you enjoying life with the grands. And the quilt is beautiful also. Thanks for the smiles this morning! Hugs!

  7. I enjoyed seeing those happy smiles and what fun you were all having. Show us the quilts another time.

  8. Carolyn Sullivan

    I LOVE the babies and the quilt pictures!!! don’t worry that you didn’t get a whole pic of the quilt it was awesome seeing them playing w you and the quilt

  9. That is truly one of the most gorgeous quilts I’ve ever seen….I love the colors. Why do pets and toddlers think quilts need to be sat on?!

  10. Loved it all! Great pictures and what fun playing with kiddos with the quilts.
    Great memories with these little ones . Fun that they loved the quilt .

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