A Quilt Finish: Talkin’ Turkey

I finished up another UFO.  I couldn’t be happier.

Here it is….


I  had a huge laugh when I was talking pictures of the quilt last night after childcare.  I had the quilt at the front of the house and was in the middle of fluffing the quilt out to get it to lay flat on the grass.  The neighbor from across the street walked to my side of the road to get his mail from the mailbox.  He said, “I don’t think we’ll get frost here overnight.”  Yep…you guessed it.  He thought I was covering my plants (grass I guess) with my quilt!!  Inside I was LAUGHING and APPALLED at the same time.


Hubby says he really likes this one.  I do too.  I am keeping it.  This baby was LOTS of work and no one else is benefiting from it.  I am adding to this to my pile of Christmas quilts.


The border on this design is really awesome.  I think Bonnie Hunter did an AWESOME job on the design of this.  By the way if you are looking for the pattern, find it in her book String Fling.  It’s my favorite of all of her books.  I have a little private goal (I guess now public goal) to get as many of the quilts done in this book as I can before she come out with her second string book.  Rumor is that it’s a string quilt book too.


I am so proud of my point on the flying geese along the edge.  I worked extra hard to not let them get cut off.


I am so proud of them that I even took a close up picture of them….see??talkin-turkey-28
The backing is just a big pieces of 108″ backing.  It sure is a treat for me to have a piece of fabric I can simply toss on the back without having to piece it.


It’s all ready to hang out with the other Christmas quilts….it will come back again in December.


Oh but wait…I forgot the Ruby picture!!


She kind of blends with this one.  I sure love the mix of fabrics.

In full disclosure.  Mine is larger than the original pattern.  I added a row.  We have a queen sized bed and I knew this one I was keeping…larger was better.  I started this back when the block first appeared in Quiltmaker’s 100 block issue.  I languished in the UFO pile for quite awhile.

Before you make this please check out the pattern corrections here.

Check out Crazy Mom Quilts and Confessions of a Fabric Addict if you want to see more finished projects.  Make sure to come back next week on Wednesday.  I’ll be working on more UFO projects.

32 thoughts on “A Quilt Finish: Talkin’ Turkey”

  1. My goodness, you must be thrilled you finished your UFO and it turned out so beautifully. Love everything about it, the colours, the precision sewing etc. Your neighbour made me laugh! He obviously has no idea how many weeks and months of work go into making a quilt like yours! Just imagine using such a beauty to cover grass in case of frost!!!!! No wonder you are keeping this one.

  2. Fabulous finish, Jo! We just bought a new mattress and box spring (the old one was so bad it was messing up my back). The mattresses are so thick these days, you need extra big quilts to cover them. I had just finished two queen-sized quilts at 98 inches square (each). They were huge on the old bed, but just right on the new one. (I still tend to steal the covers, though!)

  3. I love it! It’s one of my very favorites too! To me, the pattern and colors match the Title: Turkey Talkin’… better than most quilts I’ve seen.

  4. It is a beauty and I’m glad you are keeping it. I just love the String Fling book but I haven’t started many of the patterns. You did a marvelous job on the border, those points are easy to cut off.

  5. What a beautiful quilt! You can be very proud because there is a lot of work in this one ! No quick project here! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Love it! You did a great job on all of those points!!! It is on my to do list, but not in red, ( imagine that ) lol.

  7. great looking quilt and a lot of work – yes you would not want to toss this one over the plants – especially red even if pre-washed who knows what a rain or heavy dew or frost would do to it besides the fact that is is so pretty and a lot of work that a plain sheet or something would work to cover plants – man obviously didn’t know quilts.

  8. Absolutely beautiful! I have 3 of Bonnie’s books. I find it sooo hard to sew for me. I have 7 wonderful grandchildren seems like I should be sewing for them all the time. My scraps have accumulated over 25 yrs of quilting and I just in the last couple of yrs decided to cut into usable sizes. Boy it’s a overwhelming process. I know I’ve read something here before about how you would start cutting for a Bonnie quilt but don’t remember the details. If not too much trouble would explain again or give a link to where you talked about it? Thanks for all your beautuful inspiration.
    P.S. Gotta make a town run today…I AM getting my Bonnie books spiral bound (I keep putting it off).

  9. Beautiful!!! You are doing such a great job with all your Bonnie quilts!! I’m glad you are keeping this one!

  10. What an awesome quilt! You sure make a lot of progress. I can tell you don’t like to watch tv. I’m amazed at all you get done. Childcare, a family, a blog and all those lovely quilts.

  11. Yes, it is lovely. I’d keep it too!

    I think I need to stock up on my reds, they always seem to get used first.

  12. Wow – this quilt is definitely on my list to make. Along with Blue Skies. I really like the variety of reds in this quilt. I wonder how many different red fabrics there are? Would it look as good if you didn’t have a big variety of reds? I might have to start collecting red fat quarters instead of buying bigger yardage. Thanks for sharing – and thanks for the Ruby picture. Hope you have a good weekend. I am finished with the binding of some charity quilts. I will send the pictures next week.

  13. This one is surely a show stopper! Beautiful work on a monster of a quilt.

    I laughed about your neighbor, too. Clearly, he hasn’t gotten to know you that well yet.

  14. Happy for you that it is finished. This is one of my all time favorite quilts of Bonnies, and it so much fun to see another one done. Its on my list – – someday!

  15. Your quilt is gorgeous! I always loved this quilt design and color scheme and yours came out wonderful. Congrats!

  16. Beautiful! Looks like it was a lot of work and I can not blame you for wanting to keep this beauty. I am a big fan of red and white quilts and this one is one of my favorites! Congrats on the finish.

  17. Betty from Canada

    Love your quilt. Have you a plan for the blocks that people sent you? Also you don’t mention your little neighbour girl any more-did she move?

  18. FABULOUS! but unfortunately, mine is not to that stage! I ran out of steam getting that sting border done. I have yet to finish it. but I will

  19. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful, such fine work! I have never been a fan of red, but when I saw this quilt in Bonnie’s book, String Fling, it was my favorite, and if I ever get a chance to make it, it will certainly be in red! Many thanks for including the Errata for the little corrections in the book; I printed these out and have them stored in the book already. I so enjoy seeing the results of all your creativity and wonder how you get so much done. Prayers for your foot healing rapidly!

  20. Love your quilt! Bonnie is such a wonderful designer, and you’ve done this one so beautifully. Glad you decided to keep it and enjoy it yourself. You deserve it!

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