A Quilt Finish: String Star

I finished another GIANT quilt.  Once quilts get to be 100 x 100, I call them giant and they are hard for me to work with.  My APQS quilting machine is only 10 feet.  I have long wished for a 12″ one but my space would be hard to manage so I’ve stuck with the 10″ and suffered if I have a quilt that is 100 x 100.

I saw this pattern in a Quilt It magazine.  Seriously though, if you’re an experienced quilter, you don’t need a pattern for this.

I used a scrappy border.  I’ve been really trying to use anything up that’s around here and using strips from my 2″ bucket was perfect.  Many of the strips were actually leftovers for the masks I made.

The backing was one I got when a fabric store went out of business.  It’s 108″ backing..What a treat though to not have to piece a backing!!

I love string quilts.  There are some many interesting things to look at including this….Check out the prints in this block.  I love the “Alaska to Join Union”.

This quilt will be gifted….or donated.  I’m thinking donated but I’m not commited yet.

Making this was a real way to use up lots of strings….

All in all, I’m happy with it.  One thing I have to say about quilts with a design like this… They look awesome from a distance when you can see the whole pattern.  Close up, they aren’t as dynamic.

Fun…but I think I like seeing them from a distance best.
With busy quilts like this, I don’t bother with a “cool” edge to edge design.  I just do some loops and call it good.  Fancy designs just get lost when quilts are so busy like this one.
Doesn’t it looks all ready for a family to plop down and have a picnic?
That’s another one off my flimsy pile.  It’s getting smaller and I couldn’t be happier about that!!

23 thoughts on “A Quilt Finish: String Star”

  1. I really like this quilt. Sometimes they take awhile to make because you essentially make the fabric first with the string pieces, then assemble them. But you are always really quick!

    Anyone who ends up with that quilt will be fortunate.

  2. Congratulations on getting another quilt done. I really have to agree with you about it’s harder to see the design close up. It looks great from a distance. I’ve seen several pictures of quilts from this design. I thought that I wanted to make one also. But seeing it close up, I’ve changed my mine. It is a beautiful quilt, just not for me. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I absolutely adore String quilts and think your latest finish is spectacular, Jo!! I tell you, it really makes me want to race up to the studio, search out my bright strings, and start sewing. Funny though, I never would have guessed there was a border added. I thought you assembled 9 String Stars and put them together!

  4. I love this ! It is so pretty with so many fun strips to look at. I’d really be tempted to make this but I made a Spider Web string quilt and I was so tired of it by the time it was finished I was really happy to gift it! Making the fabric takes so long that I doubt I’ll do another. This one is lovely and and will make a wonderful gift or donation. Congratulations on another finish!

  5. I really like this quilt and love the idea of using what you already have! Beautiful work!
    Love and prayers

  6. I love string quilts, but when I look at this pattern I see the white squares as being prominent instead of the colorful stars. Why is that? None the less, it is beautiful.

  7. Lovely quilt. I’m now feeling guilty about my string quilt waiting for me… Just out of curiosity, how many quilts are now on your flimsy pile? Or are you keeping that a secret?

  8. Wonderful quilt. Happy that your flimsy pile is getting smaller, that has to feel good. I have never made a string quilt, I should put that on my list.

  9. YEA!!!!! For the shrinking “to be quilted” pile. Congrats on your continuing goal of clearing your creative space making room for new creativity.

    Happy Sunday Jo!

  10. Love this quilt! It is way to good to be use as a picnic quilt! You are on a roll with the quilting! !

  11. Judith Fairchild

    The quilt is beautiful I have made several string quilts. They’re fun if you aren’t having to hurry. Have a great weekend. Praying for you all .

  12. That is a fabulous quilt!! I still have a good pile of quilts to long arm and one thing that keeps me from getting to it is piecing the backs when I need more than 2 widths of fabric. I’m at that point with Grand Illusion. I told myself that once I use up all the fabric I bought for backing I’m going to start buying the wide backing for large quilts. Maybe that will help me get them done faster!

  13. LOVE your string quilt, it’s a terrific mix of color! I’ve been a quilter for 45+ years & I’ve never made one. After seeing yours I’ve put it on my list of quilts to make, as your finished quilt is so wonderful!

  14. Sharon Browne

    Love this quilt and the backing is gorgeous! I wish I could get a hold of some of that purple. It’s so hard to find good purples. I was wondering how big the units are and if you used paper as a stabilizer. Thanks. And by the way, you can gift that quilt to me anytime!

  15. This is a great scrappy quilt. I feel I could make 10 of them and never run out of scraps!! I love it from a distance yes, but up close is more fun where you get to see all the little bits and pieces. Well done and you ought to keep one quilt every now and then!!

  16. I love the string star quilt. I am a beginner, but inherited lots of scraps. Would love to make this, but need some sort of instructions. Any help. How big are the stars? I can figure out how to sew them, but need some sizes.

    Hope you can help me. Yours is absolutely beautiful!


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