A Quilt Finish: Scrappy Leftovers

I last left you on my Scrappy Leftover quilt here.  I had ran out of thread and didn’t have anymore of my favorite thread…this variegated one from Maxi-lock.
I ended up finding more of the thread and ordered some.  I can never be that low in supply of a favorite thread.  I got back to work and finished it up.

Then the debate about binding happened.  I didn’t have any of the green..none of the plum and none of the teal that matched.  Well the binding would be far enough away from the inside colors that it would be okay to pick something that didn’t match exactly.

But then I remembered I had some of the dark navy background color so I went with that.  Can you see why I love this thread.  It’s a great combo of teal, purple, pink, and yellow.  I used it often.  
I thought the variegated thread would be perfect on this to give a little zip to that boring background fabric.

Here is the quilt finished.
Scraps came to me from a blog reader.   She must have pieced fabric together and then cut a vest or jacket out from the pieced fabric.  I’m guessing that as all of the leftovers had curves and such cut from them.  Well I squared up the pieces she sent me.  The pieces ended up being all sorts of different sizes.  I sewed those squared up pieces together and then trimmed them to block size.  I had a fabric that was SUPER close in color.  Can you see the color in the block vs the color of the alternate blocks?  Can you believe I just happen to have that piece in my stash.  It’s a good thing as if I had gone to town to hunt for a fabric that matched, I would not have found anything so close.

Most of the leftovers were squared up but then I ran short of pieces and had to use some that were more triangular.

I absolutely LOVE making quilts like this.  It’s a something from nothing project.  Most people who would have gotten that bag of scraps would have thrown it away but in the end, it’s not a bad quilt…and maybe even a little fun.  The teal inner border was fabric leftovers so that’s out of the stash now too.

The backing was a bit of leftovers from a 108″ backing fabric from a different quilt.  I was once at a going out of business sale and bought what was left on the bolt.  I had a couple pieces left from two other quilt backs, combined them and had enough for a backing.  I feel like this quilt is a really something from nothing quilt.

In the end, I think the binding done in the same color as the background was a good choice.

The quilt is 65″ x 65″.  In needs a good wash to clean the fuzzies and threads from it.  I’m a little afraid that this is going to pick up a lot of lint.

Yahoo!! Another quilt finished!!  I’m so glad that this isn’t draping a chair in my sewing room anymore.  It’s so good to finish something and feel like I did a little bit of cleaning at the same time.

22 thoughts on “A Quilt Finish: Scrappy Leftovers”

  1. The quilt is beautiful. You can’t keep from smiling when you look at it. You’re quilting is is absolutely perfect. Congratulations on a job well done!

  2. What a great quilt; love the colors, thread and the quilting design! Also love that it’s something from nothing!

  3. That’s a lovely quilt! Don’t make apologies for making something from “leftovers! You have turned what some would call trash into a treasure. This is real creativity!

  4. How fun! Like Caroline said, you can’t help but smile! I have found that using leftovers and discards to make something is the most satisfying. You are really turning out some beauties!

  5. I agree with Carla. This way of making something out of leftovers is the MOST satisfying for me. It’s the only way I work. I’ll ask someone’s favorite color, but that’s about it. Then I look for scraps and leftovers in my stash, at thrift stores, once in a while some at a fabric store. The quilt comes together any old which way that looks the best. Always fun to see at the end!

  6. Jo – This one is a beauty. The size makes for a nice oversize throw. Great for snuggling in front of the tv or with a book.

  7. Absolutely love your Scrappy Quilt, Jo. Great colours and such a fantastic way to use up that bag of gifted scraps. The narrow inner teal border just makes this quilt sing – it draws all the scraps blocks together and contrasts beautifully with the dark fabric. I agree, your decision to use the same dark fabric for the binding was perfect. Well done for finding time to do some sewing, always good therapy I find. ♥️

  8. Nice quilt from nothing. I guess we all need some nothing in our lives. Seriously this is a beautiful quilt. Love the back story.
    Love, hugs and prayers coming your way.

  9. Yay! This is TWO quilts you have recently finished! Both were your own design. Both are beautifu! Doesn’t it feel good? Keeping going…….

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