A Quilt Finish: Scotty’s Mickey Mouse Crooked Courthouse Steps

YAHOO!!  I have a finished project.  This one was on my UFO list so I’m  happier than ever!!

I gave you this sneak peek on Monday….(yes, Carver did my hair)

…and here it is all ready for you to see.

This is going to be for my grandson Scotty.  He’s turning five at the end of the month and this will be part of his birthday present.  I started on this in December when Lora was still pregnant.  I had started this thinking they were having a boy but then switched gears to thinking they were having a girl and made this quilt.  (Read more about it HERE)

I liked this quilt so much that I ended up quick sending it out to be published with the hope it would be back in time for the new baby in case it was a girl.

Well the Mickey quilt just sat.  I had enough blocks done for a baby quilt and if they had a boy, I’d quick finish it.  Well they had a girl…Lilly, and I didn’t need the boy quilt….well that got me thinking.  Their family is all so crazy about Mickey Mouse…Scotty included…so I decided I’d finish up the quilt for Scotty and make it big…and that’s what I did.

Here it was on the frame….

…and here it is as it rolled off ready for binding.

The quilt started with some fabric from a blog reader.  It was Mickey fabric.  I fussy cut out all the Mickeys and used them as the center for Crooked Courthouse step blocks.  All of these Mickeys had blue, green, orange and yellow…thus that’s the chosen color scheme.

These blocks were cut at 8″….finishing at 7 1/2″. It’s in a 11 x 12 layout. I had planned on a 10 x 12 layout but miscounted and made extra blocks…I figured I’d make a couple more and just add a row.

Well I ran out of those fussy cut centers and went digging to find other Mickey fabric another blog reader had sent me….I found some with a blue background but some of these Mickeys had red on them…I just went with it.  Scotty wasn’t going to care if a Mickey has a red shirt in some of the centers.

I used white thread on the top…yellow on the back. I did a simple loopy motif as it’s great for a quilt that will be washed often.

Some of the centers had a blue Mickey head only….I used them too.  I think it looks so fun!!

I LOVE making these blocks.  Seriously, they are a favorite of mine.  You might remember I made a different Crooked Courthouse Steps quilt last November for one of my childcare kiddos.  This one…(read more about it HERE)

The binding is all scrappy…I use 2″ stips for binding so I just went to the 2″ bucket and pulled what I had in blue.

The backing is a stripe fabric I bought at an auction.  I had 9 yards.  I could have made it all the same fabric but decided to try to conserve some so I could use it for another backing, thus the yellow section.

This is a free Bonnie Hunter Quilt pattern that you can find HERE.  One of my favorite things about this quilt is that you really never cut it out.  As long as you have strings to use, you can start sewing immediately.

Of course we need a Rosie picture.

This one happened when this was only a top…I woke her up when I snapped the picture.  She was totally zonked out until she heard the camera click.    She just loves being around the quilts when I’m working on them…and so that takes Dirty Dozen UFO quilt #2.9 off my list…YAHOO!!  I guess that means I’m down to 31 UFOs.  Oh my.  (You can find my UFO list HERE)

19 thoughts on “A Quilt Finish: Scotty’s Mickey Mouse Crooked Courthouse Steps”

  1. What an adorable quilt! I love the colors! I do think there will be some fighting over this quilt between the grands! I keep forgetting to tell you how much I like your new blog layout! Kayla did a beautiful job!

  2. It’s so cheerful and it sounds like it makes you happy too. The best of all worlds, blessings to you and your family.

  3. Scotty is going to have so much fun looking at all the different Mickeys! Its a beautiful fun quilt and a great size, as he gets older it will still be usable.

  4. This quilt turned out great! I love all the color and fussy cutting. Awesome! I’m sure Scotty will love it!

    1. I’m not a big Mickey fan either…but the kids love it. You could substitute anything for the center. I’m thinking a tractor one for Carver.

  5. Judith Fairchild

    Great quilt for Scotty. I like yellows and oranges in the right combinations. You hit the bull’s eye on this quilt l. I’ve been ironing and sorting strings today and have ideas for another quilt. Once I figure out what goes with what that’s part of the fun of quilting. Keep going on your list you’re getting a lot done and encouraging all of us to do so too.

  6. That is just the wildest, most colorful quilt ever! I wasn’t so sure about it when you were working on it, but I really like it. I always find that quilting and binding a quilt always bring out the best in it. I bet Scotty will be so happy with it and just amazed that you made a big boy quilt just for him!

  7. Has there been enough time in your life to give Carver his fan mail? Having time for family is more important.

    1. We were quarantining from each other for a bit as there was a covid scare at work for Craig. So we stayed away from each other. The person was tested and was negative so when I saw Carver yesterday I gave it to him. He was thrilled!!

  8. thought that was the case. I knew it would get to him some time.:-) :-) We need to get rid of the little devil Covid.

  9. I love the idea of using Mickey in the center (or another motif) . It sure turned out super cute and I know Scotty is going to love it. Great finish Jo

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