A Quilt Finish: Rectangle Wrangle

A bit ago I sent a picture out asking for binding recommendations for my Rectangle Wrangle quilt.


My first thought was red….

Hubby thought black.  Well I am keeping this one and I think I am actually using it on my own bed.  So when Hubby chimed in I thought- well it’s really OUR bed so maybe I should go with his suggestion.  I took the quilt one evening and headed upstairs with it.  Hubby asked what did you decide for binding?  I said-“I’m not sure, but with all the colors in the quilt, how could I go wrong.”

So I started rummaging through my fabric.  I have a lot of fabric but most are smaller than one yard cuts so I started looking.  I was willing to give up the red and go with black but I wondered if a compromise might be a printed black so I tried it.


I had one and half sides tacked down when I realized that YES….I could go wrong.  I hated it.


I ended up showing it to Hubby and he agreed…I had gone wrong.  Neither of us liked this so I decided to rip it off and put on this instead…..

I am so VERY excited to tell you  that Rectangle Wrangle is FINISHED!  I couldn’t be happier….

This quilt pattern can be found in Bonnie Hunter’s book Scraps and Shirttails II.  From the moment I bought the book, this quilt called to me and I knew I wanted to make it.  I knew I wanted it to be done in recycled shirts….and now it is done and finished and I did use recycled shirts!!!


I worked hard to collect the shirts.  I read and reread through the directions as Bonnie says that she thought the inner part of the quilt was a little dark and that’s why she added the light background stars around the edge.  I worked to find shirts that were yellows and pinks and light colors yet still mixed in the darks hoping my center would stay bright…and I think I did okay.


Many quilters say that the quilt they just finished is their favorite quilt.  I do that from time to time but I can honestly say this is my favorite Bonnie Hunter designed quilt that I have made to date.  Others that I have made don’t get the honored status of me using it on our bed…this one is going to my bed and is going to be the “summer quilt”.

I love the cheddars and oranges and yellows.


It was truly a fun quilt to make.  Once I found a rhythm to organizing the blocks as I sewed, the whole process became easy too.


When I first went to add on all those cute little star blocks I was a little hesitant….this is why.  When Kelli and I first bought our copies of this book, I squealed about this quilt…Kelli, not so much.  She even commented that she didn’t like the little stars around the outside.  That comment had me second guessing as most of the time, Kelli’s opinion on quilting is one I really value.  I ended up going with the pattern and my gut and love those little stars.


As you see…plain black (well not really charcoal) was the choice for the binding.  I do think I would suggest using the dark charcoal vs black for the accent of the quilt.  I think charcoal plays better with the colors and is a little softer.

I’ve said before that I am starting to love quilts that don’t have a white backgrounds.  I believe that is becoming more and more true for me.  Traditionally when we make quilts it’s a light background and darker patterned pieces.  This has no traditional light background pieces.  Yes, the outer border blocks have a light background but even those pieces are more of a medium color.


Whatever it is…this one sings to my soul!


The backing was a piece I bought from Whittles Fabrics for the $5 a yard pieces.  I thought it was great..and it’s red, my favorite color.


Of course…no quilt is complete without a Ruby pose.  I forgot a treat so she wasn’t as excited about sitting as she usually is but that’s okay.


If I ever make a quilt twice…this one might be it…

…and the biggest surprise (not really, I knew it would happen), Kelli now LOVES my quilt and wants to make one!!



37 thoughts on “A Quilt Finish: Rectangle Wrangle”

  1. I love this quilt pattern too. I made it using red instead of black. I made the 52 star blocks after Bonnie Hunter mentioned on her blog (years ago) she was making them for a future project, so I was prepared!

  2. Elizabeth V K

    I love it also and would like to make one; however, I don’t collect shirts so mine would have to be regular cotton prints. I wonder how much difference it would make.

  3. Love the quilt Jo! I really like the black border. It frames the quilt! Congratulations on getting it finished!

  4. This one is ALSO on my want to do list. . .UFOs first. . .but I have the shirt collection to do it when I am ready!

  5. Your extra effort and attention to getting those brighter shirts really brings this to life. I’d be keeping this one, too. It’s just everything a quilt should be.

  6. Looks great, Jo! I love how it turned out, and the star border really makes it pop. I agree, that would be a keeper! Have to get this pattern. Simple patterns make beautiful quilts.

  7. Yes, the black/charcoal was the perfect choice for the binding! Looks great! The red backing is gorgeous! Good pick!

  8. I absolutely love this quilt! I have been a Bonnie fan for a couple of years, but hadn’t started collecting shirts to recycle (I have so much fabric that I thought I could make anything out of that, why go to the work of recycling shirts). Well now I’m convinced… and this will be the first quilt I make with them! I liked it a LOT in Bonnie’s book, but your pictures just make it speak to me!

  9. I LOVE how your quilt turned out. You did an amazing job! It is a keeper for sure. I love Bonnie’s patterns and fall in love with everyone I make and always have to keep them for myself. Have a great day Jo and thanks for sharing your lovely photos of your quilt. I love the black/charcoal accents/binding too. Lisa

  10. Love this quilt, Jo! Every I time you share one of your completed Bonnie Hunter quilts, I think that one is my favorite….but this one is going to be hard to top….it is awesome!! Thanks for sharing!
    Is my memory correct that Bonnie Hunter will be at a retreat you are doing soon? If so, I hope you show her all your quilts made from her patterns….she will be thrilled to see them!!

  11. Your Rectangle Wrangle is awesome. You are just so full of energy and it shows with how many finished quilts you show plus all the other stuff in your life. Bonnie Hunter quilts will always be favorites of mine so naturally I love what you show. I have one of your patterns that I will make one day soon as well. Love reading your blog and keeping up with you.

  12. Love your quilt. I would keep it also. I wish that recycled shirts were less expensive around this area, but they cost too much. I thought that Ruby was looking for her treat. Thanks for sharing.

  13. I have to say that this is one of my favorite quilts of yours. I really want to make one. I’m going to start looking for shirts and definitely buying her book. Do you know how many shirts you collected to complete the quilt?

    1. I have no idea how many. I have done several quilts in shirt and even have a scrap savers system for shirts. I am always on the hunt for more.

  14. Well, I have the shirts. The goodwill has specials each day, and I often go on Saturday morning to check the 75% off tags. That means I can get a shirt for $1 and I have quite a few. I will have to see if I have enough of those brights to give it the POP. You nailed it with your choices. It is really beautiful.

  15. I don’t have Scraps and Shirttails II, so I don’t have the pattern yet. I agree with you on the charcoal instead of black. Bonnie’s Sister’s Choice was the first of my Bonnie quilts. This sure is a great quilt and you did a beautiful job on it.

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