A Quilt Finish: Karl’s Quilt

When I last left you on Karl’s quilt, I have machine quilted it…

…and it was off the frame.  I even had bound it.

All that was left was the picture taking…Here it is!

This is all simple squares cut at 6 1/2″.  All of the fabrics are recycled men’s shirts.

In a previous post, a blog reader had asked if I have a “pattern” to laying out the blocks.  The answer was yes and no.

If you look at the quilt, it is almost a checkerboard with every other block being red…but every so often I changed it up and replaced what would have been a red block with a colored block.

The reds are different and I didn’t want them to touch.  This way, they didn’t.

As kids long before my longarm, I made the kids simple quilts with squares and tied them.  Karl has had a dinosaur one, a Harry Potter one, and a musical instrument one.  A couple of months ago Karl came to me and said it was time to trash the Harry Potter one and the music instrument one.  They were in shreds.

So I decided with his new house, he needed a new couch quilt…in squares like the others, only this would be machine quilted.

I did this boxy design.  I love this and have used it often.

I did shoot a video but Kalissa has had a crazy week and hasn’t had time to edit it for me.

I’m hoping that she can edit it in the next few days or so.  I’ll share it with you once she does.

I say this all the time.  I think simple squares are highly underrated.

Karl has dark brown leather couches.  I think this will look great with them.

The binding is scrappy…much was leftover from the backing.

The backing was a thrift store fabric.  I think I spent $4 on it.  It was a little small so I added the two rows of squares.  It’s a simple quilt all around.

I cut this out as I was cutting out another quilt from shirts.  I highly recommend doing that.  With shirt fabric, it’s nice to use up an entire piece and cutting squares like this makes using up a whole piece easier.

I took Rosie outside with no leash to get this picture.  That was a first.  She did pretty good but once that nose of her’s started sniffing, I got her back in the house immediately before she took off.

I’m happy to have another finished quilt.  I have another charm square quilt cut out.  That one is batiks.  I’ll use that as my next leader and ender project.  I like simple square quilts enough that I’ll likely always have one going.

P.S.  I gave Karl his quilt.  He swooned and awed over it!

27 thoughts on “A Quilt Finish: Karl’s Quilt”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    Love the quilt. I have a dog story. My oldest niece has a cute little dog named Izzy. She loves being outside. When i was visiting them someone had gtheir hands pretty full and didn’t shut the inner door og the entry way. When they opened the outer door Izzy was a streak of lightning. Ev we yone who could took of after her. She headed straight for the bay. When the t caught up with her she launched into the water and under the floating dock to try to hide. My nephew in law went. To get her finally got her tal and out from under the dock. When they all got back it was bath and shower time for everyone. We all were very careful to shut one door before we opened the other the rest of the time I was there.

  2. Elizabeth V K

    Fabulous quilt for Karl. It looks larger than I think of for a couch quilt. He could even use on his bed.
    Great photo of Rosie on it also.

  3. The BEST reason to make a simple and cozy quilt…your SON!! He’ll get lots of hugs and warm wishes from you for many years with that quilt. Yes, simple quilts can be easily looked over…but really are the ones we love to snuggle with! Great finish, Jo! Happy Easter weekend!

  4. That is a huggable quilt! I know he will love it! One of our church members gave all of her father’s 100% cotton Joseph A Bank 2 xl shirts to our church quilters. We made her a quilt out of them and she loved it! The sleeves are going to become wine sleeves. To hold a bottle of wine as a gift.

  5. Karen Stewart

    I love the quilt! One of my first quilts was a simple squares quilt using just four fabrics. It has been well loved, mended,patched, and loved some more. I just can’t bring myself to get rid of it.

  6. What a beautiful, cozy-looking quilt! So simple, but so effective. The quilting is perfect – and I love the backing with the two strips of squares. I’m inspired to cut squares from my homespuns to make something similar! Last fall, I wanted to contribute a quilt to my LQS’s charity drive and cut 12″ squares from a beautiful fabric line I’d been hoarding for many years so I could get something together quickly. I quilted it with a nice panto and it looked fantastic. So, I agree that simple squares are underrated! I’d love to see a photo of the quilt on that dark brown leather couch – I imagine it will look fantastic! I wish Karl the very best in his new home.

  7. Lucky Karl! Of course he loves it – it’s made with love by Mom and finished beautifully.

    Question for you… We see you love sewing with shirts. How do you feel about homespuns? Looks like you used one on back of a Karl’s quilt.

  8. Karl’s quilt is great. I agree, simple squares are the best. I can just imagine how soft the quilt feels. Love recycled shirt quilts. The quilting motif is fun, too!

  9. What a lovely quilt, and I know Karl will wrap up in it for years to come & think of you each time he does! A nice gift for his “new” house, too! Thanks for all the sharing you do — I look forward to each of your posts.

  10. Margaret in North Texas

    What wonderful memories you and Karl will have with his new quilt. Simple pattern made with love is the best. Happy Easter to you, Karl and the rest of your family!!

  11. I think I can cut up some of my (many) thrift store shirts to make boy-friendly baby quilts. Thanks for the inspiration.

  12. I love Carl’s quilt and would love to cut up the many plaid shirts no longer worn, but most are cotton/poly blends. would it be a problem to use those or mix them with all cotton ones.

    1. Being I’m buying mine, I buy all cotton. But if you already have them, I don’t think there is a problem mixing. They’ve all been washed and have already shrunk.

  13. Ooo, it’s so pretty!! I love the simplicity of it and that quilting design is perfect!! I know he’s happy to have his new quilt in his new house!!

  14. Simple square quilts are one of my favorites! Great job. Simple is better and it will get used and not just put at the end of a bed. You can make each of them look so different with just color placement. Perfect for new quilters too!

  15. I rarely comment but had to this time to say not only is Karl’s quilt great but so is that a great photo of Rosie sitting on it! What a good shot of her.

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