A Quilt Finish: It’s a special one

I took some time and sat down and finally did a project that has been waiting for me since Christamas.

I pieced a backing that was gifted to me…

I worked really hard to sew it together so the seam wouldn’t show.

I ironed it…

…and then I loaded it on the quilting frame.  You haven’t seen this quilt before.  I didn’t make the top.  Take a look.  Can you guess who made it??

It was my old childcare families.

I machine quilted it..and bound it.

Here it is!!

I don’t know if you can tell but each of the blocks were made by the childcare kiddos.  Each block has the hand print or foot print of one of the kids that were in my care at the time.  Here is Peyton’s.


Aubrey’s mouse…

Sawyer’s Unicorn…

One block that says Jo’s Daycare.  One of the mom’s had a cricket cuter and made the iron ons for the printed names and letters.

Here is Reid’s ….

This one didn’t have a name so I’m guessing this one was just an added extra.

Gannon and Carver shared a block.  They used feet prints.

Emmi’s was a mermaid.

Check out Josies bees.

Orson had a firetruck.

Brody was a back hole.

Esther had her feet painted rainbow style and they were made into a butterfly.

Maggie’s hand made an ice cream cone.

Lucy’s hand was a cat playing with yarn.

Georgia’s hands became dinosaurs.

Jenna’s feet were flowers.

John’s became an octopus…

Luke’s became a frog.

Kole’s hands became an eagle.

I just love it.  I truly do.

I don’t know the exact specifics of who did what but I have a few guesses.

One mom was the coordinator.
One mom was the person that finished the art work on the prints.
One mom had the Cricut cutter and did the letters.
Kelli sewed the top together.

However it happened, I love it.

I had a bugger of a time machine quilting it.  I should have known better but I went over the painted parts with my needle.  BAD IDEA.  My tread was constantly breaking.  I muddled through it and it was totally worth it.

Check out the seam of where I worked to seam up to backing pieces.  I did a great job, don’t you think?  That really made me happy that it worked.

Here the quilt is so you can see it all together again.

I took the time to take a picture of each block as I’m sure one of you will love it for inspiration.  This would be great to do for a grandma with lots of grandkids.  It would also make a great fundraiser project if your school has a fundraiser and each class needs to make a project for the fundraiser.

I am so impressed that the moms worked together to make this happen.

Here’s the backing with the top.  I love the hexie backing.

I am so please, honored and blessed to have worked with such great families.  This bunch was a particular favorite to me!!  Many and much thanks to them all!!

47 thoughts on “A Quilt Finish: It’s a special one”

  1. Christina Coats

    Wow Jo
    It’s a loving and blessed quilt. Such great imagination in creating so many different characters from hands and feet, sew clever.
    Well done Kelli and all the other mums & Well done Jo on the patience of beautifully quilting over paint yikes!

  2. This is a lovely heirloom and I can imagine the happy thoughts you were thinking as you quilted it. Matching the hexies on the backing must have been a task, I know, because I did a similar patterned backing a few months ago. I don’t see a lot of pins on yours, so perhaps you managed it differently, but I ended up pinning almost every single inch of fabric all along the way. And going very very slowly.

  3. Donna Pheneger

    Oh Jo! What a beautiful tribute to you! It’s obvious that these parents thought more of you than you know! Congratulations on such a beautiful gift and a beautiful reminder of the love.
    Love and prayers

  4. What a w wonderful quilt! You can cherish this for ever and remember each little child who is on this. The quilting is beautiful too, along with the perfectly pieced backing. Beautiful, beautiful!

  5. Wow! That’s such a wonderful quilt and memory. The creativity of turning the hands and feet into pictures is amazing.

  6. What a cute quilt this is!! And a great memory of the children. This has to be one of your best presents ever.

  7. Betty Woodlee

    I adore this quilt. I predict that this quilt will be the all time favorite of the childcare kids.

  8. This a blessing to you , jo. These families found the perfect way to thank you for your loving care of their most precious members. Great creatively.

  9. WOW!!! What a treasure – those families obviously think a LOT of you and the quilt is a wonderful way to express it. Thanks for sharing it!

  10. LOVE THIS!!!! So, what size were your blocks, what kind of paint was used, brand used etc. Would LOVE to make this as I am expecting my 8th grandchild in Nov.

  11. What a beautiful heartwarming keepsake. It will be treasure for years to come. Kudos to all involved. Great job!

  12. I love it. What thoughtful daycare parents you have.
    My guild did one for a preschool class of their hands for their teacher who had been diagnosed with cancer. These quilts were made with love for those who received them. Special memories in each hand or foot print.

  13. Stephani in N. TX

    Love the hand and foot art and that you will have it forever. My grandson goes to daycare at a school and for every holiday, they come up with some hand or footprint art that gets embellished or paint added to be as cute as can be. For Father’s day, they took a pair of man’s work gloves and then superimposed the child’s handprint on the palm side of the glove. Glad you have the prints and I love the way you put them together in a quilt.

  14. Lori L Douglas

    Jo, what a special keepsake to cherish! You have some really creative daycare Moms. Love the ideas. You should do something like this with your grandkids ♡

  15. That’s a very cool quilt, well done to all those involved! I love the things they turned hand and foot prints into. And yes, you did a great job with making the backing seam invisible.

  16. That is a wonderful quilt! Someone has real artistic ability and imagination to place the hands and feet just right to make the design they planned. The completion of the designs was so cute. You can see that the kids really enjoyed being a part of the design. This is a treasure. You and Kelli did a good job in completing it too.

  17. Oh my goodness! That quilt speaks volumes about you, and how cherished you are by those whose children you have cared for. What a treasure.

  18. That quilt is just Adorable!! What fun designs they made with the hand and foot prints! I love it all. And the hexie matching on the back is done tremendously well. Congratulations!

  19. Ginny Andersen

    What a special tribute to you! These families love you and knew what a quilt would mean to you! This is a forever treasure!

  20. Absolutely fabulous!!
    I’ve never seen such creative creatures and machines etc made from hand and foot prints.

  21. Kristina Wilkinson

    This is so adorable! What a creative way to incorporate all the kid’s hands and feet prints into darling pictures. Thank you so much for taking the time to take a picture of each individual block so we could see them. How special for you to remember them with this. You did an amazing job matching the backing seam! K-

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  23. Celia Ambrose

    This is the sweetest quilt I’ve seen for kids handprints! I know you will enjoy it and the memories of them at that age. Lovely quilting too!

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