A Quilt Finish: Iowa Hawkeyes Quilt

I’ve been a busy girl this week.  I’ve had some time off so I’ve been squeezing all I can out of every day trying to reach some deadlines, trying to catch up on some things, and trying to check things off of my to-do list.

One thing that was on the deadline list was to finish the Iowa Hawkeyes tumbler quilt.  If you’re a regular blog reader you’ll know that a kind person sent Ray a UFO tumbler quilt.  Ray looked at it and immediately thought of me here in Iowa.  He sent it my way…

I immediately started working on it as I knew a good place for it.  I made the top in one day.  I did cut some extra pieces as the original maker only seemed to intend to make a quilt that was baby-sized.  I wanted it larger as it was going to be for a benefit.

On Monday I put the quilt on the frame.

The machine quilting took a little longer than I anticipated.

A month or so ago that I had told my friend who was working on coordinating the benefit that I would have a quilt for the benefit.  She messaged me Tuesday and said she’d pick up the quilt on Thursday.  Hmm.  I better get moving along on that binding!!

So, that night I decided I was going to forgo my evening cross-stitching and sew the binding on the quilt instead.

This part went much more smoothly than I anicipated.

I ended up getting time to cross-stitch that night too.  YAHOO!

So, here I am with the finished quilt…

…and here is a full picture of the quilt.

I don’t remember the exact size of the quilt but it’s a perfect stadium blanket size.

I had a couple of people suggest that I straighten the sides but I left them wavy to follow the lines of the tumbler blocks.

For the quilting, I used a Hook and Point design.  It’s easy for me and I was wanting something easy.

I have a video on how to do a Hook and Point.  You can watch it below.

Here you can see the texture of the quilting.

The quilt is really simple but I love it.

Many of the fabrics are polka dotted.

If you read the blog regularly, you know polka dots are a favorite of mine.

I did all of the binding by machine.  There was no need to pivot on the outside wavy sides when I sewed the binding down.  If I pulled or adjusted the quilt to make it seem straight, it worked with no problem.

I do want to note that I did use binding strips that were cut on the bias.  That made it be able to work.

The backing fabric was donated by a blog reader.  I thought it was perfect.  I had intended on passing it along to a volunteer finisher but it was just what this quilt needed.

I used a yellow thread for the back and a variegated yellow on the top.

I am so pleased with how it turned out.  I’m so happy that someone sent it to Ray and that Ray passed it on to me.

I made my deadline on this quilt.  I’m so happy.

The quilt is going to be on an online auction that will support the town to our east.  I’ve actually had several families from there.  The town is part of our school district too.  We’ve stopped a few times at the park and it’s lovely.  The group has worked so hard to build a new park in the central part of town.  They raised lots of money last year and put in some nice equipment.  They are hoping to expand on that with more equipment, bathrooms and the like.

The town population is 148.  It’s a town with lots of young people.  Can you believe 20 babies were born there in a calendar year??  They are going to need a nice park!

I thought some of you might enjoy watching the auction.  Here is the info from their Facebook page.  It says, “Please join the St Lucas Park Board for our Edmund’s Park Fundraiser! Starting on Sunday, August 1st, you will have the chance to bid on donations via an online auction! More details to come on items and requirements for bidding! We are still accepting items to be added to the auction and look to have another successful event in 2021 to raise money for a park shelter, equipment and other items!”  You can find the auction HERE starting on August 1st on the City of St. Lucas Facebook page.”

I’m excited to watch the bidding.  A person never knows when donating a quilt how well it will do.  I’ll be super happy if it can earn $150.  I know it’s worth more than that…but it’s a number I thought I would be content with.

I’m off…I have another just like it on the quilt frame and I’d love to get that one finished too.  That is also for a benefit.

22 thoughts on “A Quilt Finish: Iowa Hawkeyes Quilt”

  1. The quilt turned out so good. I really like that you did not straighten the sides. I was thinking that before you wrote that somebody suggested trimming them. I can see some Hawkeye fan really enjoying this quilt. Great quilt as usual.

  2. I love the wavy edges on the quilt and your quilting it makes it extra special. You know what thy say “It takes a village” sometimes you are part of that village like now ad sometimes you are the village. You are a remarkable person whom I admire greatly.

  3. Ann Marie Drop

    When Iowa fans see the edges, I hope that they, like me, thought of the Iowa Wave that happens at the football games. What fun!

  4. Love the quilt and the scrappy look. It shows me that I don’t have to obsess about two like fabrics touching. I need to let loose and just let the scraps fall where they may!

  5. I like the way that the quilting reminds me a bit of their college logo. Sorry that I am an Iowa State fan, but my favorite uncle was a professor at Ames for many years. He would come back haunt me LOL.

  6. Judith Fairchild

    I really like your hawkege qut the colors and all. So glad you didn’t trim the edges. It makes a good quilt into a great one.
    Now I’ll have to find a tumbler block pattern and get busy. Thank you for being an inspiration. Thank Ray for sending this to Jo.

  7. Katherine Gourley

    I just love that you did not square off the sides of the quilt. Following the shape of the tumblers makes that extra pizzazz for an adorable themed quilt. You never cease to amaze me Mrs. Jo :)

  8. Linda Jarnecke

    I’ve lived in Iowa for 10 years now and have never gotten into Iowa football (Hawkeyes) … however this quilt is perfect for a donation and you did a great job on it. I hope whoever gets it will appreciate it as you love it.

  9. Great quilt! I hope the town makes a ton of money to expand their dreams.
    Remind me of the name of the quilt behind your quilting machine. 9 patches with alternating blue squares.


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