A Quilt Finish: Holy Toledo

Yahoo!!  It’s my first quilt finish of 2021.  I’m so excited!!

I am so happy I jumped in and decided to tackle my UFO quilts.  This one might not have gotten done if I hadn’t.  Here it is…

The quilt was designed by Bonnie Hunter.  It’s called Holy Toledo.  You can find it in her book, Scraps and Shirttails II.  HERE is a link to Amazon for the book.

This is made with 100% cotton recycled shirts.  I just adore the feel of it.  The quilt has an already loved feel to it.

To help with that “already loved feel”, I used a recycled plaid sheet for the backing.  I bought this several years ago with the intention of using it on a “shirt quilt”.  It’s patiently waited for me.  Amazingly, the sheet was huge and I didn’t need to piece the backing which made it doubly awesome.

I am typically a gal that uses Warm and Natural batting but for this I used Hobbs 80/20.  Hobbs batting makes the quilts seem a little more drapey to me so I thought I should use that if that was the feel I was going for.

I am so in love with this one…it’s not fancy, just one simple block but quilts don’t need to be fancy to impress me.

I used blue thread on the top and a burgandy on the back.

I used my Hook and Feather quilting motif.  I did a video on how I do it.  I’ve included that in this post…

HERE is the link if you want to see it on a big screen.

I really enjoy this motif and thought is was good for this quilts.  I often like to use a softer, curved motif on something that is full of sharp points like the blocks on the quilt.  I think it softens the quilt.

What originally caught my eye and made me really want to make this quilt was the outer border.  I am in love with it.  I just think it makes the quilt shine.

The inner border of the quilt is all scraps.  I sewed them together on the diagonal.  The binding is scrappy too.  I picked all very dark blues, deep greys, a brown and some charcoal prints.

I know many of you are saying, “Nope.  I’ll never make that.  I hate half square triangles”.  I did a video for you all as I was making this quilt so you could see the method I use.

HERE is a link if you want to see it on the big screen.

There are so many different methods for making the half square triangles.  This method works wonderfully for me.  If this method isn’t your thing, that’s okay.  Keep working until you find a method right for you.  Mastering half square triangles is totally worth it!!

In the end, the quilt was so inexpensive to make.  I know for some of you, buying shirts to make quilts in expensive, for me, it’s not.  My sheet I used for backing was $2.  I’m so blessed to be able to make great quilts on the cheap.

Of course…I need to share a Rosie picture.  This was taken before I had the binding on.  The pictures shows a cute little dog but also shows how nice the Hobbs 80/20 batting works up.  You can see how puffy and soft the quilt looks as well as that Hook and Feather motif.

Here’s one more look before I go…Oh, I love this quilt.

Happily I have three other shirt quilts in my UFO pile.  I can’t wait to get to them!!  Whoot!  WHOOT!!

I do need to be on the lookout for some plaid 100% cotton sheets at the thrift store.  I’m hoping the Goodwill Karma will come through and one might be there the next time I visit!!

Oops…I almost forgot.  If you are new to cutting up shirts to make fabric for quilts, I did this video too.

38 thoughts on “A Quilt Finish: Holy Toledo”

  1. I have enjoyed watching your progress on Holy Toledo in your videos. The finished quilt is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for the half square triangle and Seams so Easy tutorials that make the steps to completing this quilt more achievable. Congratulations on this finish!

  2. judith Fairchild

    Your shirt quilt is so good I like the combinations of colors with out being to busy. If you need used light colored sheets I have an abundant supply in good shape. I have started using knit sheets for my bed.

  3. The quilt is absolutely gorgeous! I’ve been wanting to make it and now that I see your finished project I’m more inspired than ever! Thanks for sharing your progress along the way. Always a treat to read your blog!

  4. Such a beautiful quilt! And the points on your half square triangles! WOW! I ordered a ruler to make them after watching your video. Thank you again for that.
    Good Girl Rosie!
    Love and prayers

  5. What a beautiful quilt! I love it. Your videos have been so helpful and really encouraging. Making this quilt with recycled shirts is perfect and makes this such a homey comfy quilt. Great job!

  6. LOVE this quilt! I have started to pull plaids from my stash and go through hubby’s old shirts to gather up fabric for this quilt. You are inspiring…this one is in my future!

  7. Easy to see why you love this quilt, because it is b beautiful!! I hope this will be one of your keepers. You are inspiring me to start collecting shirts. I will watch for plaid sheets at the thrift stores I shop.

  8. This is beautiful! The combination of these fabrics with that pattern make this look like a family heirloom for sure. Love it!

  9. It’s a beautiful quilt and Rosie looks like she might like to be doing something else. I’m not ever going to cut up shirts or make this pattern but you did a wonderful job, I love all your points!

  10. I love this quilt. I am also a Bonnie hunter fan. I just finished up a spiderweb quilt from her blog because I loved yours! Thanks for the inspiration

  11. Your quilt is beautiful. I have that book so may have to think a little more about making it. Celtic Solstice was the first Bonnie Hunter quilt I made which I had to include a shirt in as she was the first I heard speaking of using old shirts. I likely saw her version of this quilt when she spoke to our guild quite a few years ago.

  12. Nice quilt pattern but for me it was your choice of used shirts that really make the quilt. That quilt is a snuggly keeper for sure.

  13. Carmen Montmarquet

    Totally love this quilt!!! Love everything about it! I am so happy to see all the Bonnie Hunter quilts you have made and continue to make, I love her too! Thanks so much for sharing!

  14. Holy Toledo, there are a lot of HST in that quilt! It’s beautiful. Anyone making that pattern will be an expert on making HSTs by the time it’s finished. Tell Rosie she looks really cute sitting on that quilt!!

  15. Your Holy Toledo is just wonderful!! I can see why you are so in love with it. Well done Jo. It makes me want to try making one. Thanks for sharing everything that you do!

  16. Jo, that is just beautiful! My daddy’s been dead for 17 years and I still have all his shirts. I keep thinking I’ll make a quilt out of them, but I can’t bring myself to cut them up! You’ve inspired me with your wonderful finish.
    Thank you.

  17. This quilt is amazing, Jo!! The fabrics (shirts) you used are great…I cannot imagine it turning out any better!
    Thanks so much for sharing….

  18. Oh Jo you have outdone yourself on this quilt and the videos on how to get from point A to point B.
    You are such a great teacher!!!!!!!!
    On a personal note, I have a question that maybe with your life experience you can give a great answer. Like you I have had thyroid cancer. Also my daughter, my brother and my great niece. This question pertains to my daughters concern. It has been about 6 years since her surgery. Scans every year show most likely a fragment has attached itself and producing something that the thyroid produces. She has changed Dr. I am thrilled about that. Like you they can not find that source. She is scheduled for a PET scan this coming Wednesday. I had a PET scan in December. A totally different reason. Easiest test ever. She wrote last night that she is terrified. Again going through the whole isolation of being around children, the diet etc. Tonight she wrote to ask you this, What is the difference between a full body scan and the PET scan. I think the PET scan for me was head to mid thigh. She is concerned and mention that the thyglobulin. She thinks either the pill or the IV are both radioactive. My thyroid cancer was back in 1991. So things have changed so much since mine ordeal. Thank you for keeping your blog “real” There are folks like us that totally relate to your medical story. Thank you Jo

  19. Just beautiful! You should auction one of your quilts on the blog, you’d make a ton of money! I don’t quilt, wish I could, so I really enjoy seeing all the quilts everyone makes – such talent! I was never good with a needle & thread, much less a sewing machine. I have a question though. How do you get Rosie (she’s a cutie beauty) to pose on the quilts? And all your other dogs you’ve had, do you train them with a treat to pose on the quilts? I love dogs and enjoy any Rosie stories but also like your family stories. Thank you for all you do.

  20. Oh, my goodness! I haven’t seen the videos, but that is a ton of HST, I am always so afraid of them because they don’t always turn good. The quilt is stunning! For some reason I can’t always leave messages, something with my IPad.

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